1More ComfoBuds – Pointed AirPods

When it comes to audio, headphones and in-ears from the Chinese brand 1More often perform well in our tests, thanks to a combination of wearing comfort, the best sound quality and an attractive price. However, these 1More ComfoBuds are not the best choice for those looking for good in-ears.

1More ComfoBuds

price € 59, –
Color black and white
Link Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 35 mAh (earpiece), 410 mAh (charging case)
Weight 3.8 grams (earpiece), 29 grams (charging box)
Features microphone, touch control
Connection USB-C
Website https://global.1more.com
6 Score 60 Score: 60

  • Pros
  • Wearing comfort
  • price
  • Negatives
  • One size fits all design
  • Sound a bit tinny

The market for bluetooth in-ears is exploding. Making these wireless earphones seem to get more priority than (wired) headsets. Like many other Chinese tech manufacturers, 1More seems to be pursuing a strategy where it actually floods the market with countless different models. In recent months, the True Wireless ANC In-ear headphones, ColorBuds and PistonBuds have already appeared. Especially the last two came out very well in the test, especially in the field of wearing comfort, renowned audio brands can still learn something.

All balls on comfort

But 1More’s offering gets a bit confusing with the addition of the ComfoBuds. The 1More ComfoBuds are intended as stylish earpieces, where wearing comfort is given even more priority due to the low weight and fit. These ears are somewhat copied from the AirPods, where the stem that protrudes from your ear is pointed. In those points are nicely incorporated LEDs, which you can see whether the ears are connected or not.

In terms of fit, however, 1More misses the mark. The ears do have a rubber tip on the top, which cannot be replaced. As a result, you cannot tailor your earpiece. In short, the 1More ComfoBuds are ‘one size fits all’. This has taken over the biggest shortcoming of the Apple AirPods. Why now? This way they do not really stay firmly in everyone’s ear.

1More ComfoBuds
1More ComfoBuds
1More ComfoBuds
A colored LED indicates the status of the earbuds.


The ears are very light, so you hardly notice that you are wearing them. In that respect, it is fine in terms of wearing comfort. But in my case, the ears were a bit loose, making them not very suitable for on the road. When you sit still or do not move very actively, the ears are a lot more suitable. If the earbuds sit securely in your ear, you can take them on the road without any worries, because the earbuds are splash-proof (IPX 5) and can withstand a rain shower.

The in-ears are easy to take on the road thanks to the compact storage box that also charges the earphones. That storage box is oval-shaped and looks like a large suppository. But can (also) easily be put in a bag, jacket or trouser pocket.

Sound quality

In-ears from 1More often stand out positively thanks to the excellent sound reproduction for its price range. Under one hundred euros, few brands can usually match the sound quality that 1More usually offers. However, that is less the case with these ComfoBuds, which is disappointing. The sound is a bit shrill, almost tinny. Details are lost and the bass sound does not loosen the hips. Something that might not bother you as much if you are looking for earphones to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

The battery life is not remarkably high either, a charged battery provides just over three hours of listening time. The charging case has enough capacity to charge both earbuds almost six times. You charge the box via the USB-C connection. The wireless charging box is not possible.

The sound is a bit shrill, almost tinny. Details are lost and the bass sound does not loosen the hips.


You can operate the 1More ComfoBuds by tapping the ears. For example to pick up the phone, start and pause the music or start the next song. You can configure this in the 1More app. Here you can also go to update the ears. Functionally, the app has little to offer. During testing, I even ran into a battery drain: after I had used the app to update the earbuds, something went wrong in the app and the phone’s battery drained in a short time. Although I have not encountered this problem before, after configuring and updating it may be a better idea to uninstall the app.

1More ComfoBuds

Alternatives to the 1More ComfoBuds

The right to exist for the 1More ComfoBuds is being undermined by 1More itself. In terms of sound quality and wearing comfort, you are better off with the ColorBuds (89 euros) or PistBuds (39 euros). Both ears are approximately in the same price range as these ComfoBuds. Other brands in the same price range also have more to offer, the Samsung Galaxy Buds have already dropped considerably in price (and a better choice). The AirPods from Apple itself (which these ComfoBuds are very similar to) are also a better choice.


The 1More ComfoBuds live up to their name, you hardly notice that you have earphones. They are also very affordable, so it is certainly not a bad buy. Nevertheless, do you want to enjoy music more and have a better fit? Then you can get better in the same price range.


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