4 helpful 3D Touch tips for the Notes app

The Notes app is the sweetheart of iOS 9 and iOS 9.3, we have figured that out by now. If you have an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, you can use all kinds of useful 3D Touch functions to perform actions. We list our favorites.

Notes 3D Touch: four useful tips

You can use 3D Touch in Notes in different ways. This way you can perform actions faster, or you jump directly to the correct part of the app as soon as you start it. For these promotions you obviously need an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, currently the only iPhones that support 3D Touch.

1. View and share a preview at lightning speed

With the so-called Peek & Pop function you can call up a preview of a Note with 3D Touch. This way you can quickly see what exactly is in a particular note, without having to leave the overview. While viewing a Note this way, you can swipe it to the top of your screen to quickly share, copy, or delete it.

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2. Preview and share media files

The Peek & Pop technique is also very useful if you already have a note open. For example, by pushing on an image, map, drawing or url in the document. The same preview will then appear when you view a Note. You can also share, delete or copy this by swiping it to the top of your screen.

3. Quick Actions from the app icon

Like many other apps from Apple, you can use 3D Touch to perform quick actions. By firmly pressing the app icon of the Notes app, a submenu appears on the screen, with which you can immediately make a new drawing, new photo or new note. This is slightly faster than manually performing one of these actions.

4. Draw thicker lines in a drawing

Just like the Apple Pencil, 3D Touch can also ensure that you draw thicker or thinner lines when making a drawing. Once you know it is possible, you can use it very easily. You simply create a drawing in Notes (tap the wavy line) and choose a marker, pencil or pen.

If you then press more firmly on the screen while drawing a line, you will see that it is a lot thicker than a line that you draw when your finger rests lightly on the screen. You can also erase a larger area by pressing the eraser more firmly.

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