420 Volkswagen e-Crafters for this delivery company

Volkswagen e-Crafter

A large order for the Volkswagen e-Crafter from France.

The French Chronopost has placed a substantial order with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The delivery company has placed an order of 420 e-Crafters. The electric company cars will be delivered in steps to Chronopost. In two years all 420 e-Crafters must be in the possession of the delivery company.

Chronopost is part of La Poste. The company wants to make the fleet considerably more sustainable. For this they have conducted tests with several electric company cars. Potential winners were the Renault Master Z.E. and the Voltia. The latter is an extension Nissan e-NV200. The choice for the Volkswagen is perhaps therefore all the more remarkable. The generally nationalistic French usually prefer their own brand over products from other countries such as Germany.

For Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles it is the largest order for the e-Crafter to date. The first copies will be delivered in June 2020. The French can come across the electric company car in 18 different French cities. Heinz-Jürgen Löw, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, handed a symbolic key to Chronopost CEO Martin Piechowski.

The Volkswagen e-Crafter has a battery pack of 5.8 kWh. The operating radius is 115 kilometers according to the WLTP test cycle. With a fast charger at a 40 kW DC charging station you can charge the e-Crafter up to 80 percent within 45 minutes. In comparison with the diesel variant, the buyer does not compromise on practical ease of use. The loading volume is in fact the same as that of the combustion engine variant.


  1. rhukker says

    So much can still be gained with company cars. A box of space that batteries can use but that do not use and a range of 115 km

    • edward330d says

      @rhukker: can be a nice diesel unit in the cargo space for charging the batteries

    • robert110 says

      @rhukker: Vans have relatively little space for batteries and such, to make the load space as large as possible, the rest of the car is fairly compact. In addition, weight is a serious problem, if you want to keep the car load below 3,500lg and have a decent load capacity, there are few kilos left for batteries. For electric vans to become successful, batteries must become a lot lighter, or a total weight of more than 3,500 kg must become the standard (but that will be enormously expensive for companies).

      • jack_abarth says

        @ robert110:

        The question to be asked is whether 3,500 kg is still a real limit for B driving license. The buses themselves become heavier, but also better as in road holding and braking power. Only the load capacity has never been adjusted, and even more so because of its own weight.

  2. amghans says

    Papa ne fume plus the sa pipe 😁

  3. pablo1971 says

    115 km range? That is still in theory. Remains 85 km from it. Then you need a lot of them to work an 8-hour service in a meaningful way.

  4. amghans says

    @ pablo1971: For approx. 100 km driving range, inner city order may be enough.

  5. drsjeroen says

    Can someone explain to me where you can’t just fill the entire bottom with batteries and then drive 400km?

      • drsjeroen says

        @ ty5500: point tasks, but isn’t it true that after an hour of work the bus has to stand still for 45 minutes?

        • ty5500 says

          @drsjeroen: I suspect, as suggested above, that the vans do urban areas and drive short distances every day. Otherwise 115 km indeed seems to help me and constantly charge

    • ferrari wave says

      @drrsoen: The weight also plays a major role. From 3500 kg you need a C1 driver’s license. Adding batteries therefore means that the load capacity decreases. And let the load capacity be important for a bus.


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