Abarth tackles 595 at a detail level

Abarth has subtly renewed the 595. However, you will have to search carefully to spot the changes.

The Abarth 595 has been in its current form since 2016. However, anyone who expects radical changes in this renewal round will be disappointed. Abarth only tackles the 595 on a level of detail. To begin with, the sports button in all four variants, the 595, 595 Turismo, 595 Competizione and 595 Esseesse, has been replaced by the ‘Scorpion Mode’. The name sounds more exciting than it is, because the ‘Scorpion Mode’ has no other function than the sports button. Furthermore, the seats of the more chic Turismo now have a diamond pattern and are available in the new dark brown color ‘Helmet Brown’. The dashboard of the sportier-oriented Competizione is available in Alcantara trim and carbon fiber is used for the gear knob. In addition, Abarth offers an extra paint color, Rally Blue, in combination with new 17-inch wheels on this variant.

Abarth 595

The Akrapovič exhaust below the 595 Esseesse

In fact, it is mainly additional personalization options that Abarth comes up with. In technical terms, the four variants remain the same. All four have the well-known 1.4 T-Jet four-cylinder turbo engine under the hood. In the 595, the power source delivers 145 hp, the Turismo still has 160 hp and the Competizione and Esseesse come back to 180 hp. The only technical adjustment that Abarth makes is new titanium tailpipes for the Akrapovic exhaust system. This mainly serves to enhance the sporty soundtrack of the four-cylinder.

It is not yet known what the renewed line-up of the 595 will cost in the Netherlands and from when they can be ordered. Techzle is awaiting a response from the Dutch importer about this.

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