ABT Cupra Formentor just as fast as Boxster GTS!

ABT Cupra Formentor

With the ABT Cupra Formentor you can quickly hit the 100 mark.

It is a bit of an odd man out, that ‘Formentor’. It is the first Cupra of which there is no Seat version. Nor does it look like it will come any time soon. Perhaps a PHEV version, but Cupra is already doing that itself nowadays, as evidenced by the Cupra Leon. This model will then be slightly below performance. Again: when that PHEV version is coming.

But what if you are just a step above the current Cupra Formentor looking for a suitable car. What are your options then? Now, you can turn to a premium brand and buy a premium car for premium money. Or wait for the Formentor with five cylinder. But you can also bring your current Formentor to the company ABT Sportsline.

ABT Cupra Formentor

ABT Cupra Formentor

Der ABT is one of the first tuners to take care of the Formentor, only JE Design was before. The catalog is not very extensive yet, of course. However, the most important upgrades are included. We start with the engine. ABT has one for the EA888 engine AEC on sale. AEC stands for ABT Engine Control. Some adjustments in the electronics increase the power and torque of the ABT Cupra Formentor to 370 hp and 450 Nm. For the record, in standard trim, the car delivers 310 hp and 400 Nm.

  • ABT Cupra Formentor
  • ABT Cupra Formentor
  • ABT Cupra Formentor

Just as fast as a Porsche 718 Boxster GTS

This ensures appealing performance. The standard sprint of the ABT Cupra Formentor now takes only 4.6 seconds. By default, that was 4.9 counts. ABT proudly reports that the sprint time is just as fast as that of the Porsche 718 Boxster GTS. Indeed, exactly the car that Wouter recently drove for the driving test. ABT is fair enough to mention that it concerns the Boxster GTS with manual gearbox, not the PDK with which the car is (one blow) faster.

  • ABT Cupra Formentor
  • ABT Cupra Formentor
  • ABT Cupra Formentor

Further adjustments ABT Cupra Formentor

In addition to the engine optimization, you can order an ABT sports exhaust, which should sound just a bit more spectacular compared to the standard exhaust. According to ABT, the 102-mm tailpipes sound a lot more ’emotional’. For better road holding, you can order the ABT lowering springs. If you mount it, the ABT Cupra Formentor is 35 mm closer to the asphalt. A raised crossover, lower it. Of course. You can finish the whole with various rims from ABT, such as the ABT Sport GR, ER-C and FR.

All parts are available immediately, except for the sports exhaust. It will be available at the end of this quarter.

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