Adjust your Mac’s brightness and volume with extra precision

You can increase or decrease the volume and brightness of your Mac in smaller steps than you probably thought. You can control this extra precisely with this button combination.

There are four buttons on the keyboard of your Mac with which you can adjust the volume and brightness. As soon as you press one of these buttons, a bar will appear with blocks that indicate how high the volume is or how brightly your screen is illuminated. Do you want to control the brightness and volume extra precisely? You can also add just a quarter of a block with this simple trick.

Especially when you listen to music with headphones, the difference in volume between two blocks can be quite large. In that case, a quarter block louder sound would be better, and the same applies (to a lesser extent) to the brightness of your screen.

Mac screen brightness

Accurately adjust brightness and volume on your Mac

Unfortunately, there is no way to set that you move a quarter block by default. So you will always have to use the key combination below.

  1. Keep the Shift and Option (alt) keys pressed simultaneously.
  2. Now press a button to increase or decrease the volume or brightness.
  3. In the bar that now appears, you will see that the white block is only a quarter full.

Do you use a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Then you first have to expand your Control Strip. It doesn’t work from the shortcut right on the Touch Bar.

If you press the volume or brightness buttons again without holding any other keys, it will automatically fill a full block. With this trick, you can make your Mac’s screen darker than it used to be, without installing a separate app for it.

Especially the subtle change of the volume will be a solution for many people. We regularly listen to music with headphones and are then forced to choose the first block. Two blocks is then too much. In that case, a volume of one and a half cubes is perfect.


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