Akrapovič does what is not part of a Bentley Bentayga

The Akrapovič exhaust on a Bentley Bentayga

Sporty exhausts under a Bentayga, according to Akrapovič it is just possible.

The Bentley Bentayga with V8 is anything but a slow animal. As Wouter also writes in the driving test, it is ‘amazing’ how fast the Bentayga gets off the starting blocks. With 550 hp and 770 Nm you know that you are dealing with a fast SUV, even if you are in an oasis of luxury and tranquility.

And you should keep that oasis of luxury and tranquility in mind. Because even though there is a large engine between the front wheels, it remains a thick Bentley. It remains a box of leather, luxury and comfort. It is not a Bentley Continental GT that has records for production cars to its name.

Bentayga and Akrapovič

However, the recently renewed Bentayga may get a bit more sportsmanship as far as Akrapovič is concerned. That’s why she – in collaboration with Bentley – a sports exhaust have developed. This gives a ‘more exciting’ and more distinctive exhaust sound, partly because the central silencer at this exhaust has been removed. The light system is made of titanium and consists of link pipes, a muffler and two sets of two oval tailpipes.

The butt a regular Bentley Bentayga V8
The regular exhaust of a Bentley Bentayga V8

These four oval exhaust pipes are somewhat striking. The Bentayga comes standard with four exhaust pipes, which are shaped in such a way that it looks like each side has one oval exhaust pipe. This matches again with the… interestingly designed taillights. Those taillights are just like that ugly designed to match those oval exhausts. If you replace those tailpipes with two separate tailpipes, those ‘hard-crafted’ tail lights look completely strange if you ask this writer.

This particular exhaust is now available to customers in North America and the Middle East. Customers can purchase it along with the new Exterior Range package. Then buyers get carbon fiberlook mirror caps. Optionally, buyers can also tick side steps to make boarding easier. Bentley also supplies the exhaust upgrade for customers of the old Bentayga with W12 engine.

The new cushions of the Interior Range

Along with the strange Akrapovič exhaust, Bentley announces a very weak option package for the Bentayga. Think of the Interior Range, with extra leather pads, footrests and suitcases. With the Touring Range you get extra storage space and an ‘elegant’ roof box. Finally, the Protection Range is there to protect your car, with two car covers, mud flaps and firmer floor mats. Bentley does not say how much the options announced today all cost.


  1. brown worker says

    Just give me an RS3 sedan.


  2. groninger says

    Just give me an M3 F80


  3. wild West says

    Just make me a house


  4. toyotafortuner says

    Just give me a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible


    • golf 1985 says

      @lekkerlinks driving: do me the same only for the holidays👌

  5. dolledries says

    It remains ugly .. but don’t

  6. thomthamofo says

    Just give me an air conditioner.


  7. ethylestra says

    Just give me a subaru outback boxer diesel after the facelift


  8. misterds 5 says

    Just give me a Toyota Land Cruiser 200


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