Ambitious Human Horizons HiPhi X is official

Human Horizons presented the final production version of the highly promising HiPhi X during Auto China. The HiPhi X is, according to its creators, an outright ‘super SUV’, electrically powered of course, which opens the Chinese attack on the Tesla Model X.

Start-up Human Horizons released the HiPhi 1 to the public around this time last year, a pre-production version of an all-electric SUV that has now dried up in final shape as HiPhi X.

It is a 5.2 meter long electrically powered SUV-like with a flashy appearance. The almost two meter wide colossus has a steeply sloping roofline, sharp folds and striking lighting at both the front and rear. You will not find handles on the HiPhi X, because the doors can be opened ‘touch free’. The doors can be unlocked via facial recognition, among other things. In addition, according to its creators, the car is equipped with autonomous technology (level 4), which makes it possible for the HiPhi X to find a parking space itself. So you can get off immediately at your destination, the HiPhi X does – at least on paper – the rest. People with ‘Big Brother’ fears should leave him alone. Human Horizons proudly reports that both the occupants and the surroundings of the SUV are monitored using no fewer than 562 sensors.

Human Horizons HiPhi X

The HiPhi has wing doors that, just like the Tesla Model X, take a bite out of the roof and hinge upwards, although that only concerns the top of the rear door. The rest of the rear door slams backwards to open. The front doors open in the normal way, but can open up to an angle of more than 90 degrees.

The HiPhi X comes on the market as a six-seater, with a starting price of € 85,360 in China. Prefer the more luxuriously decorated four-seater? Then count on a price tag of € 100,420 converted. The HiPhi X is therefore anything but cheap. The fact that Human Horizons is very hip is evident from the intention to build 37 HiPhi Centers, where “art, technology and science come together.” According to Human Horizons, the centers spread across 19 cities are meant to bring HiPhi enthusiasts together. The car has a 96 kWh battery pack, which, depending on the chosen version, has a NEDC range of around 550 to 630 kilometers. The EV equipped with four-wheel steering is in principle a 272 hp rear-wheel drive, although there are also more powerful versions with four-wheel drive. The top version has a speed of 100 km / h on the clock in 3.9 counts.

There are as yet no plans to sell the HiPhi X in Europe.

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