AMG One sound is better than Formula 1 car

Huh? why is the AMG One sound better than an F1 car?

We will have to wait a little longer. Then Mercedes fills the showrooms with another model. In addition to the Mercedes Citan, A160, B180 and GLA200, there will be a brand new AMG One. This is not an E-Class coupe with an AMG package, but a flawless hypercar.


The new hypercar has to break all records, a bit like Lewis Hamilton is now doing at the same brand. We don’t just make that connection, because the car has an important one USP. The engine is the 1.6 liter V6, with which Hamilton shatters all records in the most boring way possible.

F1 car

Talking about boring, does that also apply to the AMG One sound? The hypercar has the same engine and in the F1 cars they sound, eh, well: meh. If during free practice there is a mode where they turn up the volume a little, then you know that it is already not right. You can turn on Coldplay louder, but that doesn’t improve the music.

AMG One sound

That does not bode well for the AMG One sound. Is that acceptable? So on the video it sounds significantly better. Now we have to confess that there is a different bar for road cars than Formula 1 cars. Back in the day, way back in the day, those F1 cars hurt your ears physically, but positively. Thanks to all the McLarens and other supercars with turbo, we are already a bit used to a more discreet sounding hypercar.


Initially, it was intended that the AMG hypercar would appear on the market in 2019. Unfortunately, this was canceled due to the stricter WLTP rules. It seems to be quite a thing to make an F1 engine reliable and to have it meet the emission requirements.

  • AMG One sound
  • AMG One sound
  • AMG One sound
  • AMG One sound

To test

Testing is currently taking place on the Immendingen circuit. Of course it has to be the best hypercar ever. But not only that, AMG also wants the car to be docile enough to drive on the street. But that was not all, the car must also be able to drive 26 kilometers purely electrically. It is not yet known whether the street version will go as fast as the concept, which could reach 351 km / h. More impressive is the 0-200 km / h time of the concept: 6 seconds!

It is not yet known exactly when the AMG one will be delivered. The expectation is sometime in 2021. Only 275 units will be built, probably based on the number of victories that Lewis Hamilton will achieve in total. They cost 2,270,000 each. That is probably the amount that Lewis Hamilton earns per race.


  1. JanJansen says

    Have read the entire article, but what is the answer to the question;
    why is the AMG One sound better than an F1 car?

  2. dutchdriftking says

    Well, sounding better than a Forumule 1 car is not really a challenge….

    • stuko says

      @dutchdriftking: if you use exactly that engine, of course 🤓

  3. harrie says

    Can’t wait for Lewis to see him behind the wheel of this thing reflecting on the environment and inequality.


    • okay, bye says

      @harrie: and that they have the best fans on the test track.


    • reactive says

      @harrie Always amaze me at the amount of people who should have an opinion about Lewis. Isn’t it actually much sadder to always talk about his hate points than to air a (sometimes somewhat contradictory) opinion like he does?


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