Anyone can draw with the shape recognition in iOS 14

Are you struggling to draw a perfect circle or triangle? In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, it’s easier than ever, thanks to shape recognition. You can use it to draw straight lines, pretty hearts and even five-sided stars.

Shape recognition on iPhone and iPad

If you have the latest version of iOS and iPadOS, you can use shape recognition. This allows you to automatically convert your clumsily drawn shape into a sleek drawing with just the right shape. You use your finger, the Apple Pencil or another drawing pen for this. That is how it works.

  • Using shape recognition
  • Suitable shapes

Using shape recognition

It’s actually very easy:

  1. Draw a line or one of the other shapes.
  2. Hold your finger or the Apple Pencil on the screen at the end.
  3. The lines are automatically converted to a perfect shape.

If you don’t like the shape, you can tap the back arrow for the undo function.

Shape recognition in iOS 14

Don’t want a perfect shape? Then you just draw as usual, without holding your finger or Apple Pencil on the screen.

You can use shape recognition in the markup feature for notes, photos and PDFs. It is not yet in many third-party apps, but in Procreate, for example, it has been possible for a longer time to hold your finger or Pencil on the screen for longer to draw lines straight.

Suitable shapes for shape recognition

Shape recognition works with:

  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Five and hexagon
  • Heart
  • Ellipse
  • Straight line
  • Curved line
  • Curved line with arrow
  • Clouds
  • Line with 90 degree angle
  • Arrow
  • Speech bubble
  • Star

IPhone shape recognition

Also check out our article about Apple Pencil functions in iPadOS 14, because there are a few more features that make drawing easier or more fun.


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Anyone can draw with the shape recognition in iOS 14

Are you struggling to draw a perfect circle...

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