Apple unveils 8th generation iPad and iPad Air 2020

In addition to the new Apple Watches, Apple also unveiled the eighth generation iPad and a new iPad Air 2020 on Tuesday evening. IPadOS and iOS will also receive a major update.

In the iPad 8 we find an A12 Bionic chipset, which is a significant improvement over the A10 Fusion processor from the predecessor. According to Apple, the tablet would be 40% faster than its predecessor.

The tablet also gets a 10.2-inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera. Obviously, the iPad supports the Apple Pencil, but also external keyboards, including those from Logitech.

The iPad can be ordered directly and will be in stores next Friday for a price of 389 euros.

iPad Air

Apple also unveiled a new iPad Air. The model will have the same design as the recent iPad Pro, so there is no longer a home button. The tablet still uses Touch ID, which you can find in the lock button at the top of the device. There are also almost no borders on the 10.9-inch screen.

The current iPad Air 2019 has an A12 chip, while the iPad Pro 2018 has an A12X chip and the iPad Pro 2020 has an A12Z chip. For the Air 2020, Apple is taking it a step further with the A14 Bionic processor, which must also be 40% faster than its predecessor. This makes the tablet more powerful than the iPad Pro. At the back of the device we find a 12 megapixel camera. The Lightning port was exchanged for a USB-C port, which will probably make many Apple fans happy.

The new Air costs 669 euros significantly more than the eighth generation iPad. From next month you can expect the tablet in stores in the five colors of silver, space gray, rose gold, green and sky blue.

New operating systems

With the new tablets on the way, Apple also thinks it is time to renew the iPad’s operating system. Starting tomorrow, iPadOS 14 will be released, which, among other things, ensures better applications of the Apple Pencil, for example while taking notes. The tablet also recognizes handwritten texts. You can also expect an update to the widgets, new side columns for apps and a universal search function to “quickly find almost anything,” according to Apple.

Not only iPadOS will be addressed, but iOS and WatchOS will also receive an update from tomorrow. For example, iOS 14 gets a new way to organize apps, while in WatchOS 7 a new app appears that keeps track of your sleeping pattern. There is also a built-in detection function for the Apple Watch, which indicates when to wash your hands.

Apple also announced two new products in the Apple Watch range.

Other Announcements

Apple took a big hit on Tuesday evening with a series of announcements. In addition to the new watches, iPads and operating system updates, the company also announced Fitness +. This app is specifically designed for working out with your Apple Watch and will be launched later this year. Fitness + makes smart use of measurements on an Apple Watch and lists these data clearly for you. To use the app, you pay about ten euros per month.

Apple One

It might be smarter to opt for the Apple One plan. You then get this service, along with Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and 2TB of iCloud storage for one price. It is not yet clear how much this subscription will cost and when it will be available in the Netherlands. You can, however, opt for a “stripped down” version of Apple One. You then get Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud storage for 14.95 euros per month.


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