Aston Martin postpones Lagonda for three years

Aston Martin postpones Lagonda for three years

Lawrence Stroll immediately started waving his scepter.

If you invest half a billion British pounds in something, it is not illogical if you make a few demands. Similarly the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, when he took a maximum of twenty percent stake in Aston Martin. It was immediately announced that Stroll’s F1 team – now known as Racing Point F1 – would start driving under the Aston Martin brand by 2021. But apparently Stroll had some more demands …


Automotive News Europe writes that Aston Martin’s EV plans have just been put in the refrigerator. The return of the Lagonda name will therefore be less rapid than previously communicated. Last March, Lagonda showed the All-Terrain Concept, an electric SUV. The production of this would start in 2022 and be the first car of the “zero-emission luxury brand” Lagonda. That has now been postponed by three years.

So don’t expect the All-Terrain on public roads until 2025 at the earliest. The delay of the Lagonda is somewhat painful; after all, the whole point of Lagonda was that it would be “the world’s first zero-emission luxury brand.” By that time there are probably other companies that have jumped into that gap, which will mean greater competition for Lagonda.


Postponing the EVs has a reason: Aston Martin would like to use electrification in a different way. Read: hybrids. What exactly they want to do is not written by ANE. At this moment Aston Martin is already working on a hybrid: the Valkyrie. The renewed focus on hybrids would be accompanied by an unknown number of layoffs.

A striking sentence in the article is about the Rapide E. Earlier we wrote that the car is not going to come at all anymore, but it doesn’t seem to be that far yet. The car is practically finished, but the plans are now being evaluated once more. Would Stroll really want to see an electric Aston Martin on the road …?


    Techzle wrote:

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  1. sketcher says

    More fired, half the design team had already been sent home.

    For this I would have preferred that Geely took over / took a share. Stroll is of course right. The investment required to electrify as a small manufacturer is too large and distracts from making the brand healthy first. But it could also mean that they will just be late. Geely could have helped with this with knowledge and material.

    AM must differentiate, only the SUV is not enough. Stroll is guessing that in a few years companies like Bosch will be able to deliver ready-made systems, so that AM has to develop less itself and that by that time AM will be a little healthier, or at least profitable again.

  2. march020 says

    postponement comes afstel..bay bay Lagonda

  3. scotts says

    I also wonder a bit if it is necessary to set up a sub-brand for that model. Electrification is on the way and Aston Martin must, given the losses, still come up with a new strategy to attract new buyers and to provide itself with a (new) USP.

  4. mp014 says

    On death after death this brand, unfortunately! And so there are more English car builders that will fall over the coming years. Long live the brexit…. that was the last push they needed

    • sketcher says

      @ mp014: Yes “Brexit is the gift that keeps on giving” is said here in the typical dry way.

      But it is certainly not the only reason, the new styling does not really catch on, the market in China is difficult for every luxury brand. The Chinese government is paying close attention to how the pennies of expensive purchases are obtained and is very busy fighting corruption. Many rich Chinese people are looking forward to showing their wealth too prominently to showy. The car market is also generally difficult and there is a lot of competition and it is difficult for the brand to build a good dealer network.

      The SUV must offer a solution. I help them hope so.


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