Audi leaves compact models for what it is

Audi Q2 epic

Audi wants to earn more money in the future with luxury cars and take smaller entry-level models out of production. Audi previously decided not to build the A1, but there will also be no successor to the Audi Q2, says CEO Markus Duesmann in an interview with the German Handelsblatt.

Duesmann explains that Audi has once again examined its model range and wants to profile itself even more as a premium brand. The Q2, which was introduced six years ago, will be phased out without a successor because the model no longer fits into the development plans of the group. “We are prioritizing other segments,” said the CEO. The Q2 was still facelifted in September 2020, it is not yet known when production will stop. Last year it was already announced that Audi is not planning a successor for the A1.

The global chip shortage also plays an important role in this choice. Parent company Volkswagen Group prefers to use the available chips for the production of the more profitable luxury models. Larger luxury models have also become more popular as many people wanted to spoil themselves during the corona pandemic and many people have more money in their savings. “In the group (Volkswagen Group, ed.) we try to secure the overall result. That is why we give priority to models with a higher profit margin,” says Duesmann. He does expect the supply of chips to improve in the course of the year.

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