Autoblog advice: electric hatchback for extra (25K)

electric hatchback for that

What’s the best electric hatchback to go with it? We’re going to find out!

Well, an electrical advice during the EV10 days makes sense. Now we regularly receive requests for electric cars. A number of things stand out. People are looking for cars with a very high range and very low price. In many cases there is simply no alternative.

That was also the case with Joost. He recently moved to the Randstad. Normally good news, but Joost himself works in the back corner. So he drives all over the country with his Audi A6 Avant TDI. But a charger is already present at his new home. He wants to get on with it and buy a second car. Here his wife will drive and most likely one of his three children, who will all reach the driving license age within 3 years.

Current car: Audi A6

The car is mainly used for short journeys, with journeys to the capital (about 50 km there and 50 km back) will be the farthest. The Audi A6 3.0 TDI chipped up to 280 hp is ready for all holidays and longer journeys. That car will also have to be replaced soon, but we will receive that request from Joost later.

In short, what can you get for about 25 grand? It is therefore an electric hatchback for it. The price includes the trade-in of their current car, a 2011 Audi A3 Sportback S-Line.

Current car: Audi A3

Joost’s wishes and requirements are as follows:

Previous / current cars Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI, Audi A3 Sportback S-Line
Buy or lease In principle buy, private lease is also allowed
Budget Including trade-in A3 about 25,000 euros
Fuel preference ONLY electric, no range extender or something
Reason for purchase House with charging station!
Family composition Two adults, three children (1x 17, 2x 16)
Preferred models Audi A3 electric, but there is none
No-go plug-in hybrids and all
Date of purchase Preferably by the end of this year


It is important to pay close attention to prices. Car dealers live up to their name by offering all kinds of prices. First of all: that 4000 euro subsidy pot is empty. Nice that the trader has settled it for you, but that is of little use to you. Then there is a VAT issue. In many cases, an electric car is bought for business. The 2,000 euro subsidy fund for second-hand cars is also going faster, but is not completely empty yet. It is expected that a lot of 2020 dealer demos will still be pushed out with this subsidy at the end of 2020.

To make a car look cheaper, traders already deduct the VAT for you. That is, of course, outrageous deception where they don’t make their name as scammers any better. On ANY website you can indicate that the car in question is a ‘VAT car’. The traders themselves know that too. So if a price seems to be more than 20% too low: you know exactly why! In fact, often when you include VAT, those traders and dealers are suddenly not that cheap.

Oh and to be eligible for that second-hand EV subsidy you have to buy from a bovag company. Buying from a private individual is therefore not possible for the subsidy.

Seat Mii Electric Plus

€ 25,000
5 km

electric hatchback for that

There are a huge number of Seats Mii for sale across the country, as well as e-Ups and Citigo e iVs. All electric, all super-beneficial. It’s actually crazy that these cars are so underappreciated by the public and the manufacturers. Maybe later, someday. It is the ideal car for that. Despite the fact that the car is a lot heavier compared to a regular Mii, you still experience a somewhat light-footed character.

Thanks to the clear body, you can position the Mii exactly where you want. For its kind, the seats are very acceptable and the seating position even neat. Almost a perfect electric hatchback to go with it, you would say. Cons? Despite the fact that this Seat is a ‘new’ car, you can see its age. The range is not great. And you don’t impress the hockey club either. And despite the low costs, do you really want to pay 25 grand for a car that should / may actually cost half?

Volkswagen e-Golf (5G)

€ 24,950
45,000 km


Because for 25 grand you also have an almost new e-Golf. Granted, three years older is no longer new. But 45,000 km for such a car is not too bad. Electric cars simply do not cover great distances. That is not even possible, because this still concerns the ‘old’ e-Golf. They have a fairly limited range. On the other hand, just up and down to Amsterdam is possible.

The advantage over the Mii is that you drive a significantly more pleasant car: a Golf VII is just a very fine Volkswagen with nice seats, a neat dashboard and plenty of space. It is a very sensible electric hatchback to go with it. It is also an ideal switch from an Audi A3. Cons? Yes, the range. That one is ‘nice’, to speak with @jaapiyo. This Golf is also a car with which you do not make a statement. Also nice: the e-Golf is considerably more complete than its petrol brothers and diesel sisters.

Kia Soul EV Edition (PS)

€ 24,900
50,000 km

electric hatchback for that

We often forget this car. Logical, because it is basically a hopelessly strange car. It is not very cheap and the range comes from the year jar. Seriously true: 212 km according to the NEDC. That’s the EV equivalent of saying on your Lexa profile that you’re under the sheets under the sheets. In reality it is even worse. It is no coincidence that it is a nice electric hatchback to go with it, that is the only option.

Look, 50 km up and down is still possible, but if you have to drop off a colleague, then it is just impossible. Then you have to load. To be fair, you can load fairly quickly. With that, the Soul EV has a drawback for a while. However, it is an option for use in this advice. Because the Soul is just a cool and cool thing. Moreover, super practical. It is also highly regarded in terms of reliability.

Nissan Leaf Acenta

€ 24,000
65,000 km

electric hatchback for that

The disadvantage of many cars in this list is that they are converted cars. Initially designed for an internal combustion engine and later modified. The Nissan Leaf is only designed as an EV and you notice that. The car is more efficient in terms of aerodynamics and space layout, for example. The second generation is considerably less ugly than the first.

Only the 40 kWh version is possible in the budget and that is more than fine. The range is exactly 270 km according to the WLTP. So you can get that 200 with ease, so you can cruise through the country by car quite easily. You can find them in the budget, but then they have often walked a bit more kilometers. That does not necessarily have to be a problem.

BMW i3 94ah (I01, LCI)

€ 25,595
65,000 km


A BMW with 19 ”wheels, rear wheel drive and carbon fiber monocoque. How cool does that sound? Well i3-cool! The BMW i3 is a strange car that suffers from the ‘Audi A2 syndrome’. Now many think it is a strange thing. Probably in 5 to 10 years they will find out that it is a brilliant car and the i3 will be more popular than when it was in production. The i3 is very spacious, drives from art and has all the handy BMW features. So the navigation system just works perfectly. In short, the ideal electric hatchback to go with it.

It’s an original car too, provided you appreciate the extroverted styling. Otherwise you have to take a black one, then it stands out considerably less. The range of the BMW is just over 300 according to the NEDC, so count on half in normal use. However, the BMW is very precise and precise with indicating what your range is. Another advantage is the low weight, this i3 weighs almost 300 kg LESS than the smaller Honda e. Right. The 120 comes further on a tank and the i3S is nicer, but both are also considerably more expensive.

Hyundai Ioniq electric Premium (AE)

€ 22,950
35,000 km

electric hatchback for that

Before we arrive at the YOLO we have one more normal addition. Two candidates are eligible: the Renault Zoe and the electric Hyundai Ioniq. In this case we opt for the Hyundai Ioniq. The Ioniq is more spacious and mature than the Renault, which in turn is more fun than the South Korean.

Despite the fact that the French fits better given the requirements, you have to take a look at the Hyundai. You get a lot of car for relatively little money. You are also fine in terms of reliability and equipment. There is sufficient supply. The range is acceptable. The performance is fine. It is not a car where you are going to make a special detour (as is the case with any EV, actually), but as an A to B car, there are few cars that score sufficiently well for so little money on all points. On the other hand, a Renault Zoe might be a nicer electric hatchback to go with it.

Tesla Model S 85

€ 27,950
415,000 km

electric hatchback for that

For the time being, electric cars are very stable in value. Logically, you can save a lot of money left and right, the infrastructure keeps getting better and let’s face it: there is relatively little supply. But if you are going to smash a quarter-ton on an EV, why not on a very cool EV? The Tesla Model S is the first EV you actually want. Tesla is one of the few brands where a 5-year-old powertrain does not appear heavily outdated.

Take this Model S, it’s an ’85’, not the fast P85. But in terms of performance, range and loading times, there is still little that comes close. That is a top achievement. The interior is not. Chances are it is an ex-taxi. So the entire interior looks tired. That was new already the case, but after 4 tons the plastic leather shines towards you. But yes, that’s just investing 3 mille for beautiful real leather and you can drive a few tons more.

Do you also want advice about your next car? Fill in this form, providing us with all relevant information. Who knows, we may find your next dream car!


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