Autoblog advice: reliable family crossover for 20,000 euros

family crossover

What is the most convenient family crossover for 20 grand?

We receive a huge number of requests on Techzle. That’s great, of course. This column has been around for several years and readers still know where to find us, thank you! In the meantime, it has sometimes happened that we have received several requests from one person and sometimes handled them ourselves. In addition to a useful request, it must of course also result in a nice article.

Family car

Today’s case also involves a double application. We received a request from Nico. He is looking for a car for next to his (electric) lease car. Despite the fact that it is a nice thing for the Randstad (where he lives), he experiences it as hopeless out there. For return parents-in-law at the boulders (Drenthe), he must load at least once. That in itself is not bad, but for holidays and rides after 19:00 it is not a problem, especially in winter. Space is also not very much left. In short, something big, practical and gasoline has to come! .


Nico thought cleverly: he is not going to use the car for much, so it can accommodate a big engine. Nice sporty version, lots of power, rich equipment, but a lot of depreciation. For 20 grand there must be something beautiful to find? However, not much later we received an email from Stephanie. That’s Nico’s wife. She thinks it’s great that we handle her husband’s application, but would like a really practical car. An ideal family crossover with a high entry level and if possible something that is not too old (max 7 years old, preferably younger) and has too many kms (max a ton, preferably less) on the clock. Ultimately, it is Stephanie who has to drive the most, so that is why we keep her request (the YOLO is for Nico).

Of course we have the wishes of NicoStéphanie put in a table:

Current cars Tesla Model 3 (entry level), Renault Twingo
Buy / lease Buy it
Private / business Private, possibly for a few business trips
Budget 20,000 euros approximately
Annual mileage Probably 18,000-20,000
Reason to purchase a new car Spacious family crossover
Family composition 3 children who are growing up.
Preferred models JAPANESE! Must be very reliable. Four-wheel drive and automatic transmission are a must. High entry.
No-go German cars. Cars with a manual gearbox and 2WD.

Toyota RAV 4 Dynamic 4WD Aut. (XA40)

€ 19,950
90,000 km

family crossover

If you say Japanese, you say Toyota. The RAV4 is one of the founders of this genre family crossover. Already in the 90s you could buy a RAV 4 (in the Netherlands it was first called FunCruiser. In this case you can easily make it to a fourth generation. What you will encounter is that they are relatively price .

  • family crossover
  • family crossover
  • family crossover

Toyotas are popular (because of their reliability) and you often see that in the prices, especially after a few years when private individuals start driving them. Speaking of driving, the RAV 4 is fine, but the 2.0 has to do its best. In addition, the necessary juice will be consumed.

Mazda CX-5 SkyActiv-G 160 GT-M 4WD (KE)

€ 19,950
55,000 km

family crossover

This car always does well with petrolheads. Mazda has been doing very well with enthusiasts for years and the CX-5 is one of the cars that started it. They are easy to find in the budget with automatic transmission, but if you choose four-wheel drive, the flush becomes thinner. For the model with AWD, Mazda has given the engine 5 hp less, strangely enough.

  • family crossover
  • family crossover

In any case, it is not an engine for people in a hurry (a 2.5 with 192 hp is possible, but more difficult to find). In terms of appearance, handling and interior, the CX-5 is again a top car. The ideal family crossover for dad, a little less for the children. Because it is not very spacious. What is nice: if you go for an AWD, you always have a so-called ‘GT-M’ with all the equipment you could wish for. Check the Mazda CX-5 Purchase Advice here.

Subaru Forester 2.0 Luxury Plus Aut. (SJ)

€ 19,995
95,000 km

family crossover

This car is a holiday par excellence. Especially with people who are in the habit of taking a caravan with them. The Forester can pull 2,000 kilos, 200 more than the Mazda and even 500 more than the RAV4. So if you want to put something behind it, the Forester is your friend. This third generation is more SUV than the previous two generations (which were more in the middle between a ‘Wagon and crossover).

  • family crossover
  • family crossover
  • family crossover

The boxer engine produces a funny and recognizable sound. The performance is not very great in this Subaru, 0-100 km / h takes 2 seconds longer than in the Mazda (which is also not a racing monster). It is also not economical and in this segment it is not the most refined reliable family crossover. In particular, it is the last car you need to buy. A faithful workhorse pur sang, that also has something.

Mitsubishi Outlander Instyle 4WD Aut. (ZK)

€ 19,925
95,000 km

family crossover

We had to hesitate for a moment. The Outlander is driving proof that we are up for an advantage. This only applies to the PHEV version. The consumption of that version can be disastrous on the longer distance, so that is why we ignore it for a while. The regular 2.0 is much more conventional in design. The degree of interior refinement is more Subaru than Mazda.

  • family crossover
  • family crossover

The Mitsubishi does have a few advantages. The Instyle is very luxuriously equipped. In addition, the Outlander has a huge advantage as a family crossover. The car is clearly more spacious than the rest, without the car being much heavier or thirsty. That is a strong asset.

Honda CR-V 2.0 AWD Elegance (RM)

€ 19,900
70,000 km

family crossover

The Honda CR-V is reminiscent of the Toyota in many ways. In fact, the two have been competitors for decades. Despite the fact that they are both soft-roaders, the CR-V is perhaps the most intended for the asphalt, after the Mazda. Here, too, the AWD serves for extra traction.

You come across them regularly in the Netherlands, almost always with a towbar and an ‘I love my Kip caravan’ sticker. Yes, that means the car has had a tougher life. On the other hand, cars like that are also very well looked after.

Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T N-Connecta (J11)

€ 19,950
25,000 km

family crossover

This option comes up if you let go of the fixed requirement of four-wheel drive. AWD makes the car heavier, thirsty and more expensive to maintain. It doesn’t add much either, because the cars have an average of 150 hp. You are much better off with a set of good tires. Another advantage is that this Nissan comes into view. The Nissan Qashqai has a tiny 1.2 engine, but thanks to a turbo and a lower weight, it doesn’t make much difference in terms of performance.

There is another advantage: you can choose from a very recent copy. Downside, it doesn’t feel really heroic, more like a tall hatchback than a really nifty crossover. And with a 1.2 and front-wheel drive, you won’t impress the puppy course either.

Yolo: Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

€ 19,950
110,000 km

family crossover

Since you are not going to drive much, consumption made less. We noted that. The only downside to many SUVs is that they have also been used to tow caravans and carts. That is impossible with this car, because the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 has a towing weight of 0 kg.

Look at the exhaust position and you will immediately understand why. The car is as subtle as a gravel tile in your face, but this low-tech honesty has the advantage of not being a time bomb like a German SUV with 400 horsepower and two tons on the clock. In addition, this Jeep is a wonderful and ideal family crossover. We cannot say otherwise.

Do you also want advice about your next car? Fill in this form, providing us with all relevant information. Who knows, we may find your next dream car!

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