Autojunk Photo of the Month – March 2021

This month it is mainly BMW that strikes the clock in the FVDM election, but fortunately there is also a fat Swede to offer a little counterweight.

It was more autumn than spring last month, but you can also take beautiful photos in wet conditions. While shooting may be less enjoyable, it can add some extra atmosphere to a photo. We see this with this month’s candidates. Guest judge this time is Lennard Laar (@ lenny98), winner of last month and an old acquaintance of the Photo of the Month.

Third place: BMW M3 G80

Such a new M3 can be quite photogenic. At least with @ row1 behind the camera. He shows the M3 at its best in this photo. What makes the photo especially successful is the choice of location. With a white car on a cloudy day it can quickly become gray, but the background provides the necessary color in the photo. The white also looks beautiful. The wet asphalt and leaves provide a bit of extra atmosphere.

Lennard isn’t a big fan of the new M3, but luckily it’s all about the photos now. “From this angle it looks very impressive,” Lennard must admit. “Very good photo with beautiful use of the colors of the background. I thought the competition was a bit too strong this month, but definitely worth a third place! ”

Second place: BMW M2 CS Cup

In second place, we see even more BMWs, but as we said, the photos are not selected based on the cars. The photos are selected based on the photos. That’s why this record belongs @robbiehifi certainly in the top three at home.

Rob’s specialty is track photos, because he once passed by in this section with a cool track photo of a 911 GT3. This time he took to the track with three M2s. Several cars on the track always form an impressive sight and the rainy weather makes this photo extra spectacular. With the oblique horizon and the post-processing, Rob has managed to give the photo some extra drama. In short: a very successful action photo!

Lennard is also impressed: “Very nice photo, especially how all three cars are sharp in a rolling shot with a lot of movement. The setting suits the cars very well and the atmosphere is nice and threatening due to the gray weather. Maybe added too much contrast in post-processing, but the photo certainly deserves a place in my top 3. ”

First place: Volvo XC70

It was difficult to choose this month, but in the end this photo became unanimously number one, or the Photo of the Month. The photographer and also proud owner @jennifer_michael.

He has put his XC70 extra high on its legs and fitted it with Goodrich off-road tires. So this car begs to be photographed in a forest. That’s what Gijs did, with this awesome album as a result. The angle is just right, so you can see the ground clearance of this brutal XC70. The composition is also perfectly balanced, with the reflection in the puddle. The Volvo threatens to disappear a bit against the background, but the lighting ensures that the attention is still focused on the car.

This was also the undisputed number one for Lennard: “Basically everything is right about this photo. A setting that suits the car very well, beautiful reflection in the water and an operation that completes it without being excessive. Very well done! ” So: congratulations Gijs!


  1. nine and nine says

    Such an 18: 2 license plate on a Volvo really doesn’t work.

  2. doublechevron65 says

    The number 2 is the true number 1. For me, the winner is not even number 3. Some inspiration-less photo, see nothing of creativity.

  3. mashell says

    Number 2 has been edited too much for my taste, it doesn’t matter because number 1 is by far the nicest photo.

  4. grandvitara says

    Rightfull winner…. Once a different car than the supercars or hypercar. Good environment, nice dark colors. Top


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