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RDW License plate information

The Netherlands has a unique vehicle registration system. As long as a car stays in the Netherlands, it will keep the same registration number. As a result, a whole range of data can be requested based on the registration number. Another advantage is that a car is easy to track over the years, which means that a lot of historical data is preserved.

A lot of basic information is recorded by the National Road Traffic Service. These are partly technical features, but also data on use. This includes things such as the date of first registration, MOT date, weight, maximum trailer mass, fuel consumption and list price (for most vehicles from 2005). In addition, data is available on the number of owners and type of owners, all MOT inspections, including rejection points, historical WOK reports and mileage check.

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All specifications and options

The RDW only records a limited number of technical characteristics per car. Techzle complements the data with more than 200 specifications from the CarBase car database. This includes information about the engine, dimensions, weights, tire sizes, but also information about the standard equipment available ex factory.


The checklist provides a brief overview of immediate points of interest for the vehicle. Is there a historical WOK report, a current WOK status, is the mileage correct, how long is the MOT still valid?

Mileage check

The odometer reading provides clarity about the mileage of a car. This NAP check ensures that the meter reading has not been tampered with. You enter the mileage yourself, and the report tells you whether it is logical or illogical.

WOK history

WOK stands for Waiting for Inspection. This note will get a car in the vehicle registration register when the registration certificate has been temporarily withdrawn and disappears once it has a new Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection. A historical WOK report can be an indication of a car’s damage history, but there are also other reasons why a car can receive a WOK report. Car companies have access to this information. Consumers are often withheld from this information, which is why we make this available in the vehicle registration report. Incidentally, it says nothing about the technical condition of a car, it can be just fine. However, a historical WOK report can have a negative impact on the value. This gives you as a consumer a stronger position in price negotiations.

MOT history

Cars of 4 years and older must have a Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection. The APK report shows the result of all APK inspections that a car has undergone so far. Including indication of any rejection points.

Owner’s history

Cars are constantly traded, one car more than another. Sometimes only from company to private person, but companies also trade cars regularly. If a car has relatively many owners (users), that can say something about the quality of the car. The vehicle registration report gives an overview of all types of owners who have had a vehicle and how long it has been in the possession of each owner.

Cost calculation and value indication

If the car is under 10 years old, we can estimate the current value. Moreover, in most cases a fairly accurate cost calculation can be done, where you gain insight into the costs per kilometer and costs per month.

Parts prices and maintenance intervals

The license plate report contains cost indications for common maintenance work or replacement parts. In addition, the report shows an overview of the maintenance intervals, but also when things like timing belt, oil filter or air filter need to be replaced.


On the Techzle website, visitors compare thousands of cars with each other every day in the Car Comparator. Under the chapter ‘Alternatives’ the cars that are most compared to the chosen car are shown.

Car tests

Techzle has a large archive of car tests. All available car tests for a specific car are bundled in the license plate report.

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