Beijing auto show postponed due to coronavirus

The stock market follows the example of the China GP.

In the car world, coronavirus is not only experiencing serious inconvenience in terms of production. Events are also hampered by the epidemic. Earlier this week, it was announced that the GP of China will not take place during the weekend of 17 to 19 April. It has now been announced that the Beijing Auto Show, also known as Beijing, will not take place on the planned date.

The car show in the Chinese capital was first held in 1990. Since the Chinese economy and with it the car market has undergone enormous growth, the stock market has also become more important. The scholarship is held every two years. In 2018, the Beijing Auto Show attracted more than 800,000 visitors. In 2012 there were even more than one million people around (see photo). This makes the event one of the busiest car fairs.

April would be an important month for Chinese car events. The trade show would start two days after the Chinese Grand Prix. Now both events have been deleted from the agenda. It is not known when the fair will be held.

Events outside of China have also been canceled due to the virus. If an infected person is going to ignite people at an international event, the virus will naturally spread quickly. For that reason, the Mobile World Congress telecom fair, which was to take place in Barcelona this month, has been canceled. The question is whether the Geneva auto show will continue. Fortunately this is the plan for now. That does not mean that the corona virus is not taken into account. Palexpo, which houses the fair, has already communicated precautionary measures.


  1. sketcher says

    Yes, that was to be expected, now wait and see when it will continue. Chinese brands also have scoops to present.

    I spoke to someone from the organization through WeChat and he was thinking about Julie but nothing has been decided yet. Discussions are being held with the various exhibitors to find a good replacement date.

  2. moveyourmind says

    When I see the photo above it looks like a human exhibition where they have crammed a few cars on the few square meters that were not yet occupied …

    Too busy for me.


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