Best Alternatives to Instagram

Instagram has been an established name for years when it comes to editing and sharing your photos. But it’s certainly not the only place on the internet where you can share your best photos with the world. We take a closer look at some alternatives to Instagram. And why would you choose that?

Instagram is also known for the many filters that you can place over your photos, but we know that function now. There are now photo apps that allow you to do a lot more editing than in Instagram and that also handle your privacy a bit better.

The following three Instagram alternatives are the closest to what you would expect from such a service and also put their own spin on it.

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1. EyeEm

A big plus of Instagram is that the platform is used by many photo enthusiasts. You can instantly bring your photos to the attention of millions of users. So you want an Instagram alternative to have a sizable user base as well.

Although the number of users of EyeEm With approximately 22 million not even close to the approximately 1.9 billion users of Instagram, you can certainly spread your photos to a large audience. EyeEm is both a social media platform and a marketplace where you can sell your photos. If you like your photos, you may be able to earn money with them.

If you need some inspiration, you can also participate in so-called missions. These are orders from companies that are looking for specific photos or creative images. Submit your creation and there’s a chance it will be used in an advertisement or exhibition. EyeEm also has an app.

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2. 500px

500px emphasizes the social aspect of photography and offers many different ways to scroll through photos on the platform. You can immediately see the latest uploads or the most popular photos of the moment. Also on this platform you can sell the license of your photos, which makes 500px attract a lot of professional photographers.

If you think it’s important that the copyright of your photo always remains with you, then 500px is also a good choice. If you post a photo on Instagram, the social media platform will receive a worldwide, free license for the image. At 500px you retain part of the copyrights yourself.

If you want more options, there are also various subscriptions that you can take out. This gives you insight into statistics, among other things, and you can create a business profile as a professional photographer.


VSCO is similar to Instagram in many ways: you can take and edit photos, while the app offers a range of filters. However, there are a few differences that make VSCO a perfect alternative to Instagram. This makes it much easier to share photos of others and you can protect your followers. Only you then know how many followers you have.

As a result, the focus is much more on creativity and unique content instead of on popular trends or hypes. With 30 million active users, you don’t have to worry about your photos not getting enough attention.

If you have found a suitable alternative, you may be thinking of closing your Instagram account. You can read more in our article on how to delete your Instagram account.


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