BMW CEO: ‘Tesla cannot stay ahead of the industry’

Now that BMW’s EV range is slowly starting to look like something, the CEO gets talk.

Just as Nikola Tesla was a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering at the time, Tesla is a pioneer in the field of electric cars. In that respect, the name is certainly not out of place. Tesla thus had a very large lead over the traditional car manufacturers. They still have it in 2021. The question is how long Tesla can maintain this lead.

Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW, has his say on this. He thinks Tesla will have a very difficult time soon. The major car manufacturers are making great strides. Especially Volkswagen. Tesla may have sold double the Volkswagen Group last year worldwide, but Volkswagen has yet to really get going.

We must immediately add that this statement is not so daring in terms of content. It is mainly a matter of time before Tesla is overtaken. As we wrote earlier, this year is going to be exciting. Tesla was able to deliver around 500,000 cars in 2020. Tesla expects to grow 50% in 2021, but Volkswagen is likely to grow a lot faster in the EV field. If Volkswagen doesn’t overtake Tesla this year, it will next year.

However, it is not the CEO of Volkswagen, but the CEO of BMW who is speaking here. In that capacity, Zipse has less right to speak, because BMW has not yet seen Tesla. The i3 (which is slowly starting to get a bit dated), the iX3 and the Mini Electric are not yet getting enough results. They have not disclosed how many EVs BMW sold last year, but even including PHEVs, there were less than 200,000.

This year, however, the i4 and the iX will join the ranks and BMW hopes to double the sales of EVs by 2021. Apparently Zipse has every confidence, because he already dares to open his mouth towards Tesla.

Through: Bloomberg

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  1. ericd says

    BMW? With those fireplace grills on the fore deck? Bowl.

  2. frank2b says

    Or of course they can.

    It does take some getting used to for a brand that distinguishes itself mainly through its premium plastics.

  3. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Tesla has already been overtaken at the end of 2019… .. the proof has been shown above as a banner for months!


  4. driving on the left says

    Look at the design language of BMW and that of Hyundai (Ioniq), South Korea does a lot better in terms of technology. Think BMW better keep quiet and just start working hard, otherwise Tesla and Hyundai will soon be miles away

    • arta says

      @lekkerlinksrijden: Yes. I think we have been hearing from Germany for years that it is almost over with Tesla, but they did not get much further than a few concepts.

      The MEB platform is the first “real” answer, but in my opinion it is closer to Tesla, but not over yet.

      The Koreans have really taken a step with the new platform.

      BMW is allowed to work.

  5. Stellantis rules the sky says

    VAG floods the market with poorly developed EVs that are pushed down dealers’ throats. Indeed, they will put away high numbers.
    Hyundai / Kia are much closer to Tesla and I expect Stellantis to be over by 2-3 years of VAG and be a very serious EV player.

  6. yummy cross says

    Well BMW… was a bit more progressive after the i3. No buzz but just start delivering real helmsman EVs quickly, the market is there for the taking


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