BMW M4 ‘CSL’ up close

Spyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSLSpyshots BMW M4 CSL

The Caterpillars Never Enough that swarm around in the more violent corner of car land are not easily satisfied. For those who find the 480 hp strong BMW M4 and the no less than 510 hp strong M4 Competition too mild, BMW will soon come up with a solution. That solution can be seen better than ever on these spy plates.

As was the case with the previous generation BMW 4-series, BMW comes with a superlative M4 variant that transcends the M4 Competition. There were even two versions of the previous generation 4-series. the GTS and the CS. Reportedly, one extra potent version of the new M4 will replace those two models, a car rumored to be getting the CSL suffix after its name.

That iconic abbreviation for BMW enthusiasts stands for Coupe Sport Leichtbau, a three-letter combination that we last encountered on the M3 of the E46 generation. That M3 CSL was more than 100 kilos lighter than a regular M3 and that promises a lot for the new M4 CSL, a regular M4 with a car weight of more than 1,700 kilos is not exactly as light as a feather.

The packed M4 in these photos is packed with aerodynamic extras that set it apart from the already familiar M4. Not only does the car have a ‘ducktail’ integrated into the tailgate in the style of the copy on the back of the M3 CSL from yesteryear, this test model also has a fierce-looking front bumper and a different kidney grille. Don’t be surprised if you see this grille, which only has a different interpretation, on other M4s in the long run. How much power does BMW’s M division squeeze out of the blown 3.0? Assume that there will be more than 510.

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