BMW rolls out major software update

BMW is rolling out its largest over-the-air software update ever. 750,000 cars will very soon receive the latest version of BMW’s Operating System 7, which brings some interesting news.

For Tesla drivers such a software update is of course perfectly normal and we certainly do not intend to make a news item of every update, but in this case we make an exception. Version 07/20 of BMW’s ‘OS 7’ not only concerns a large number of cars, but also brings important news.

The update, which BMW says is the largest ever from a European manufacturer, will start with Android Auto to a large group of existing BMWs. Munich has long opposed Google’s phone helper, even though it already offered Apple CarPlay. Now the Germans admit, after Android Auto was previously possible with a number of new BMWs. They get it right right away and offer Android Auto, including navigation directions from Google Maps in the instrumentation and head-up display. Those navigation directions in front of you are now also possible when using Apple Maps via Apple CarPlay.

BMW Maps is now also new. According to the manufacturer, the navigation system offers a ‘completely new navigation experience’. It’s faster than before in the first place, but there are more benefits. BMW Maps, for example, is better than ever able to collect and use real-time information, so that the car can guide its driver more skillfully around traffic jams and other misery. Searching for destinations should now also be easier and faster. BMW calls it comparable to what people are used to from search engines, so entering a single keyword should suffice in many cases.

Automatic electric

The ‘eDrive Zones’ function is now available especially for plug-in hybrids. This ensures that the car automatically switches to full electric in an environmental zone that requires it. This already works in 90 European cities, but there will undoubtedly be many more.

Also new is ‘Connected Parking’. This not only offers BMW drivers insight into available parking spaces, but also whether they are free. The system even takes the size of the car into account in order to estimate whether it can indeed be placed in the chosen location. There is a similar service for searching and finding charging points under the heading ‘Connected Charging’. Finally, the voice control has been improved and expanded and the electrically operated trunk has more adjustment options.

20 minutes

BMW’s Operating System 7 has been delivered since 2018. The latest version, at issue here, has been supplied in new BMWs since July. 750,000 drivers of existing cars can expect the update soon. These include the models 1-series, 2-series, 3-series, 4-series coupe (the new), 5-series, 6-series GT, 7-series, 8-series, X5, X6, X7 and Z4. In the Netherlands it concerns over 10,000 cars. Drivers will find out soon enough, because they receive a push message in the car and the app. The update is free, installing according to BMW takes about 20 minutes.

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