BMW X8 M captured

An M version of the most expensive BMW ever.

Take a breath of relief, the photo above is an enlarged copy of the X6. The BMW X8 M is only recorded on paper. We have known for a while that the BMW X8 is coming. The rumor mill was working overtime because there would also be an M version of the X8. Now that BMW has registered the name X8 M in the German database for patents and brands, this seems confirmed. Bayerische Motoren Werke released the BMW X8 M last month registered with DPMA.

Presumably, the X8 will get factory code G09. G07 was the factory name for the X7 and the iX-3 took off with G08. The coupe SUV will reportedly come in three variants. The X8 could easily become the first M Performance hybrid. In 2018, BMW M sales manager Peter Quintus already released that electrified M models could follow in three to four years. The high-performance version of the X8 would carry the name BMW X8 M45e.

A new 4.4 liter V8 is expected under the hood of the X8. In combination with the hybrid system of the BMW X8 M, the system power will be 700 hp. We are curious about the 0-100 time and weight of this coupe SUV. The X8 will not resemble its predecessors from the X series. The X8 will take shape and get a new grille. The finish will also be of the highest level with the most expensive model BMW. Because of its coupe model, BMW opts for 2 separate seats in the back.

The BMW X8 is rumored to be the most expensive BMW. Of course there are more expensive versions of a 5-series or an M3. The entry-level price for a BMW without an M-badge has never been higher than that of the X8. The entry price is according to BMW Blog 120,000 euros. Add only a few thousand euros BPM to the Netherlands. You can tap 60,000 euros more for the M-badge on the boot lid. As said, it remains with rumors, but the registration of the BMW X8 M is remarkable.



  1. ttr6 says

    We thought that we had already seen the ultimate monster with the X6… .. no, there will be an X8.
    …… it’s a good thing I never got into auto-marketing. I had not understood a bag of it.

  2. poulusma says

    “Take a breath of relief, the photo above is an enlarged copy of the X6.”

    Exactly what ttr6 says, and unfortunately it didn’t stop with the X6. There was a 2nd and an X4.
    Man man man, how sadly I think back to the late 90s early 00s when there was only an X5.
    And normal coupes were also sold instead of smashed sedans!

  3. RRRobert says

    @ ttr6: I think it is not very difficult.
    Premium badge + rude size = instant success


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