Boris Johnson brings ban on combustion engine ahead of time

The British prime minister is unprecedentedly progressive.

It is a busy period in Great Britain. A while ago they received a new prime minister who could “effect” the Brexit through it. That happened last week. The split-off from Great Britain and the EU is keeping things going. Partly as a result of this, we almost see an important item coming up: the ban on the combustion engine is brought forward!


Boris Johnson and his party are known to be very conservative. However, that does not apply to climate change. According to Johnson, the planet keeps getting warmer and something has to be done now. In addition, a few new goals have been set. For example, Great Britain must be emission-free in 2050. This is partly achieved by killing the combustion engine.

Ferrari 575M Superamerica


Initially, 2040 was set as the date to introduce the ban for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines. However, that time has now been brought forward to 2035. That sounds very far away, but in 15 years it will be there. For the context: Brokeback Mountain, Batman Begins and The 40 Year Old Virgin are now 15 years old …

Ferrari 575M Superamerica


Now it is even possible that the ban cars with a combustion engine is set earlier. This is only the case if technological developments allow it. For now, the ban on the combustion engine only applies to cars. The motorcycle will remain out of reach for a while, reports Maxxmoto. The technology of the two-wheelers is considerably behind in this area. The share of cars with regard to the emission problem is also much larger than with motorcycles.


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  1. mgmgb says

    Hey, shit, just now that they can no longer blame the EU. Could it be that they have always made their own idiotic rules?

  2. svdv says

    Motorcycles are the only part which fortunately is not yet destroyed by too much regulation and government involvement. And also better for the climate through fewer emissions and fewer traffic jams. I tell everyone on the bike!

    • kid says

      @svdv: this measure is not about climate alone. But about air pollution.
      An engine has no kind of filter or anything like that. The emission of pollution from a motorcycle is also much higher.

    • onlyporscheman says

      @svdv: Motorists know very well that they are not emission friendly, nor in terms of noise.

  3. cossier killer says

    What if they just started to get cargo ships and planes emission-free. A much bigger environmental problem … But of course that does not pay off.

    • kid says

      @cossiekiller: always ridiculous that people always raise other issues and with that make comparisons that continue.
      No people walk past aircraft engines. Not even in the air. There is no direct contact. The contact between a vehicle’s outlet and people is much more direct. Cars drive past people. In addition, the busier with people, the busier with cars. And in London it is very busy.
      The influence of air pollution from air traffic on people in London is smaller than that of car traffic on people.
      You also have to deal with economic aspects. London airport makes a huge economic contribution to the country. Whether you drive electrically or with an internal combustion engine, hardly anything is done about the economic contribution to the country. Shipping is the same.
      And since it’s much easier to run a car powered by batteries than flying an airplane or sailing a ship, it’s a simple choice.

    • onlyporscheman says

      @cossiekiller: rightly point, there is currently no solution for this except hydrogen, for example.

  4. anti-electric cars says

    Well, and certainly let the cruise ships dock, with their backward emissions, no we have to adapt again as a population,

    Hopefully 2034 will be the record year for the UK auto industry with ICE cars as the big fuck to fake trump

    • amghans says

      @antielectric cars: In 2034, Trump is no longer a POTUS. So if you are a f.u. want to give you will have to come up with something else.

  5. Punica Oasis says

    What a beautiful Ferrari! 😍

  6. VeniVidiVici says

    Stupid jokes everyone. As if scrapping the combustion engine it will suddenly become colder again on earth pfff. So no!

  7. Hubert says


    • laptom says

      @Hubert: Why stupid? There must simply be a change. Investing in the environment simply costs a lot of money, not investing in the environment costs much more money. Look at countries like Norway how they approach that, in 25 years that is simply the best approach probably.

      • amghans says

        @laptom: The economic / ecological model of Norway is based on electric energy from hydroelectric power stations (they have them to a large extent) and – how ironically – the income obtained / yet to be obtained. . . the sale of their mineral oil.

  8. smiley70 says

    Uncle Boris can again make a good appearance during COP26.

  9. Dutch drifting says

    @svdv: SSST! Do not say! They will soon find out that they can also sew us on the motorcycle in addition to being in the car… ..

  10. Hupke says

    The electric motor and especially the electric scooter is much farther than an electric car and is also much more logical since the smaller engines certainly pollute much more.

    Will the combustion engine be completely banned or only for new sales? I can hardly imagine that you have to throw your weekend / roadtrip ferrari 550 in the dustbin by 2035.

  11. Edge says

    In itself quite understandable of course. A measure such as this will considerably improve air quality in a large city such as London or Manchester. Nevertheless, I hope that this does not stop there and that the real big polluters (transport sector / shipping / agriculture / industry) will also be tackled. Fuel cars are only a very small part of the total emissions, so when only that little bit is forced to green, I quickly get the feeling that it is purely about the green image.

    Moreover, I also miss something: Concrete plans to make this possible. Uncle Boris can say that from 2035 the UK does not want to have cars with gasoline or diesel engines in the showrooms, but such statements mean nothing at all without concrete plans and financial commitments that make it possible to support a largely electric vehicle fleet. In other words: Come over immediately with billions to ensure sufficient charging points, and with money to prepare the electricity network for the greater demand for electricity that this entails.

  12. Hupke says

    I think that my (replace) Mercedes C220d year 2020 will be less polluted than the neighbor’s TESLA and BMW i3.

  13. Maarten123 says

    I always miss the difference between a ban on sales and a ban on use. Something will definitely come from a classic arrangement.

  14. dawwg says

    Stop that SJW thing and say how someone should live their life; those are scary fascist traits … 1 engine more or less doing nothing at local or global level. If you really want to make a difference, stop eating meat, flying and buying electronics from China (so that is just about any smartphone and tablet and laptop and computer motherboard); if not, pointing the finger at someone else is just very hypocritical and not constructive …

  15. reset says

    Well then Aston Martin can only pack right away!

    • amghans says

      @reset: Hoho, 2025 the electric Lagonda is there. AM says. So that will be fine with them.

  16. nopa says

    Is it about a ban on use or sale? Use does not seem feasible within 15 years. Before there is enough supply of EVs at all, we are already a few years later and if you look at how many people now drive a car more than 10 years old because they cannot afford something newer, that would mean that a large part of the people could no longer drive a car. In addition, if combustion engines are banned, the value of those cars will fall completely in one go, leaving a lot of people with an unsaleable car, I don’t think it is very good for the economy either.

  17. tttijn says

    And Boris goes with the machine. I’m curious how he was bought.


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