Brabus ventures into EV tuning with the Mercedes EQC

With the emergence of EVs, a new and fairly unclear chapter is starting for tuners. However, Brabus does not shy away from an electric power train. The German tuner knows how to boost the power of the Mercedes EQC.

In a car with a combustion engine, anyone who does not have two left hands can already make some minor improvements to the power source. For tuners it is of course completely cut. Increasing the capacity of an EV is another story. That must be done through software and then you must know how you, as a tuner, make your way in the programming of the car. Brabus succeeded at the EQC. The tuner has managed to squeeze an additional 14 hp from the fully electric Mercedes. Thus, the EQC that went through Brabus has 422 hp. The maximum torque is 830 Nm, 70 Nm more than before.

The task of translating this to the asphalt is the special 20- or 21-inch wheels that Brabus mounts under the EQC. According to Brabus, the EQC can accelerate from a standstill to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds after this treatment. That is only 0.2 seconds faster than normal, but still. Incidentally, the extra power can be called up when the driver activates the S-driving mode. In the other modes the EQC works with the usual specifications and therefore the normal range can still be achieved.

Brabus would not be Brabus if it did not come with the necessary external decoration. Black is clearly the theme at the EQC. Everything that could have been done in chrome is black. As usual, the Mercedes logos also give way to the double B’s of the tuner. To celebrate the new form of tuning, a kind of circuit board drawing returns throughout the carriage. The blue leather and the various Brabus logos stand out in the interior.

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