Bram Schot: cars will soon be really much too expensive

Bram Schot

New cars will be four to five thousand euros more expensive in a few years’ time, predicts ex-Audi boss Bram Schot.

Driving a new car is priceless in the Netherlands. It is something that is often said and will only become more problematic in the future. At least, the latter says Dutchman Bram Schot at the BNR National Auto Show. Schot worked as Audi CEO from 2018 to 2020, where he had the difficult task of transforming the company into a cleaner, electrified car brand after the diesel scandal. He used to work at Mercedes, now he works at TomTom and Shell, among others. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about.

According to Schot, there are three reasons why cars will soon become more expensive. The biggest problem has to do with electrification. After all, car manufacturers are not only developing the petrol cars and diesels of today, but are also working on the electric cars of the future. In doing so, they are at the forefront of the biggest shift in the automotive industry in decades. The second reason is that car manufacturers are now investing much more in digitization.

At the same time, they have to make all these investments while revenues are declining. After all, last year people bought fewer cars because of the corona crisis. So they have to invest more with less money.

I think mobility will become seriously more expensive in a few years compared to now. At the same time, I do not think that income will increase by four to five thousand euros. Mobility will therefore become more expensive than it is now.

Bram Schot

What is the future then? That we will drive less? No, think Scot. He expects that fewer people will actually buy a car, but that driving is central. Not even a private lease, but things like carsharing. “Take it from me that it gets there, left or right.”

Two things out there anyways not will soon become big are hydrogen cars and autonomous cars, Schot thinks. Hydrogen cars are no longer of interest to most car manufacturers because they have just invested billions in EV factories. “Also, they are not really a solution from a technical point of view, because of the efficiency.”

Autonomous cars will not be coming soon, as this would be technically more complicated than expected. In addition, this is technology that will be the same for many car manufacturers, Schot thinks. And if your product is not much different from that of the competitor, it is difficult to convince the buyer your product, Schot notes. In addition, the question is how many people actually want to pay for it.

Further in this episode of the BNR Nationale Autoshow Schot explains why car manufacturers will soon have fewer models and what he is doing with his days now. And Wouter drives the new Porsche Taycan RWD.

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  1. SpiderIV says

    Listened this afternoon but there are few people who are as content and happy with themselves as this gentleman.

  2. Rudy says

    Are way too expensive? I think we have already passed that point in the Netherlands?


  3. frank2b says

    Cars are getting more expensive?

    Gosh. Who would have thought that!

  4. hare says

    But a lot of AB’ers refuel cheaply in Germany, so they are not bothered by it.


  5. PunicaOase says

    If the maintenance costs decrease significantly again .. you seem to have less with EV .. it doesn’t matter, right?

  6. mrporter says



  7. moveyourmind says

    Just leave the tick off one insignificant and not very special option …

    Is your Audi that you buy in 2026 just as expensive as it is now.

  8. Reaver says

    It is mainly the taxes that make it expensive. That is where the real problem lies. Taxes are rising faster than income. Of course that has consequences, but try to explain to The Hague that less tax can lead to more income.

  9. net10 says

    You simply cannot buy an Audi, which usually saves many thousands of Euros


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