BREAK: Mick Schumacher not a racist after all

Mick Schumacher

There were some doubts, but luckily Mick Schumacher is not a racist after all.

Mixing sports and politics is nothing new in itself. For example, many of you will remember how Peter O’Connor himself climbed the flagpole at the 1906 Olympic Games to Union Jack to turn into an Irish flag. This while a fellow countryman stopped people who wanted to get Peter off the mast. O’Connor, as his name betrays a little Irish by birth, was registered as British, as Ireland did not yet have an Olympic Committee. He thought that his own flag did not hang above the honorary scaffold was only moderate.

Muhammad Ali

Other well-known athletes’ protests include Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be sent to Vietnam. That initially cost him the world heavyweight title. Colin Kaepernick now knows everyone who has not lived under a rock, because of his kneeling during the American national anthem that traditionally sounds before American Football matches.


In F1, of course, we have Lewis Hamilton, who has escaped Ron Dennis’s McLaren straightjacket, used his ‘platform’ to draw attention to environmental issues and racism. In that respect, Lewis is very different from the man he is now often compared to, namely Michael Schumacher. Der Michael always tried hard to say as little as possible about political issues. In that aspect, the German was more comparable to the other Michael who caused a furore in the sport in the 90s.

La Stampa fires

Michael’s son Mick, a neat boy by trade, has probably been born with this vision of life. Better stay on the flat and don’t chase away potential fans and sponsors. But it was precisely this attitude that recently got him into hot water on social media. When asked what he thought of Hamilton’s political activism, Mick answered the Italian quality publication La Stampa with nothing more than an old-fashioned ‘no comment’.

That was not so good for some. Mick has clearly noticed that too, because He says via Twitter that fortunately he really is not in favor of racism.

I was recently misinterpreted after an interview, on a question surrounding political activism. Just to make one thing clear. I’m against any form of injustice and inequality, and support the fight against racism.

– Mick Schumacher (@SchumacherMick) February 26, 2021

Whose deed.

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  1. Johanneke says

    Such nonsense eh. Remember 5 years ago. Then I said, Hilary is totally unfit to run for president. And then the other said: SO YOU ARE FOR TRUMP HOW CAN YOU. No, I also think Trump is totally unsuitable. Why put those words in the mouth. That now also happens with Mick and that is just plain nonsense. You have to judge someone by what they say, not what they don’t say.

  2. arias says

    Jesus, what people can worry about. Everyone can have an opinion, sure. But don’t oblige others or impose an opinion. If Schumacher doesn’t want to answer or simply doesn’t have an opinion about Hamilton’s political activism, so be it. He’s not obliged to think about it, is he? or have an answer to it.


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