Break: no EV subsidy for new car in 2021

Break: no EV subsidy for new car in 2021

The cabinet has made a decision. A remarkable measure, because that means no EV subsidy for 2021.

It seemed like such a good idea. At least, as the cabinet had conceived. Reserve an annual fund for subsidy on electric cars. 4,000 euros for some new electric cars and a maximum of 2,000 euros for electric used cars. That pot for new EVs ran out in a few days before this year. Applications were moved to the following year.

The disadvantage is that the fund was already used for 2021, while the year had not even started. In fact, applications got so out of hand that the pot was running out before the year even started. Reason for State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven to take a good look at the policy. Today a decision has emerged.

Subsidy application stops

From October 30 it is no longer possible to apply for a subsidy for a new EV from the next calendar year. As of 1 November, it is only possible to apply for a subsidy for cars for which the purchase or lease agreement was concluded in this calendar year. As a result, it is no longer possible to rely on the roll-over scheme that is now in force. The roll-over scheme has ensured that the pot for 2021 is almost empty. The pot for 2021 is expected to run out on January 4.

No EV subsidy in 2021

In practice, this actually means that private individuals will not be eligible for a subsidy for a new EV until 2022. The BOVAG is strongly against this decision, because 2022 is seen as a year in which many affordable electric cars will come onto the market. That 4,000 euro subsidy would have been a nice helping hand.

We know that the EV container for 2021 will already be empty by the end of this year. So there is no EV subsidy available for 2021. This yo-yo policy is disastrous for consumer confidence. We should be selling cars in the showroom, not this government policy

BOVAG chairman Han ten Broeke

Submit grant requests

They now have two weeks (until October 30) to submit subsidy requests. Payment will then take place in January 2021. Please note, this is subject to the condition that there is still money in the pot before 2021. When the pot is used up, you can also whistle to grant a subsidy. Since there are already so many applications, the chance of being awarded is therefore small.


  1. racerx says

    The reserved budget will have run out, but supplementing is probably not a priority given other contemporary interests.


    • mashell says

      And otherwise they can always lower the maximum speed on the motorway to 80 in order to achieve the CO2 targets.

  2. tenaci says

    I get it. All these support measures must also be funded. It must be of the length or of the width.

  3. vindick says

    And 2nd hand?


  4. henkp1 says

    It makes sense that if the pot is empty, no more subsidies will be paid.
    The regulation should in any case have been that you can only apply in the year of purchase. On the other hand, you may wonder whether this subsidy makes sense given the number of applications and purchases (which would otherwise have been made?).
    A bit of a shame about the Bovag and I do not understand their problem, in 2022 it is still possible to apply for a subsidy again ?!

  5. moveyourmind says

    Nice bales …

    Just wanted to buy a Porsche Taycan Turbo S with all the trimmings next year, but without that subsidy it is just under 190,000 euros above my budget. Then the party will be canceled.


  6. blackeye says

    Certainly right for private individuals. If you have money for an EV, then you also have enough money to do it without government support.

    Take a look around you or drive through the standard residential areas or working-class neighborhoods and see what has to be gained to really get everyone in clean transport. Purchase price from the manufacturers must be reduced considerably. Now the people are sponsored who did not need it anyway.


    • autogeak says

      That 4000 should make an EV more attractive than an ICE car, not the purchase of a car in general.


    • mashell says

      I actually thought it was good that Jan Modaal also once got a subsidy for something. Normally, this only goes to wealthy entrepreneurs with their low taxes or the social underclass with their accumulation of care allowance, rent subsidy and food bank.


      • RiKe says

        @mashell: and the group that sits between Jan Modaal and the underclass? It can suffocate as usual

    • cloverleaf says

      @blackeye: and lease contractors but continue to subsidize?

  7. posthumus says


  8. flutterby says

    If you prefer more (subsidized) charging points, the EVs will come automatically. Critical mass has long been achieved.

  9. dutchdriftking says

    Well, in itself logical, budget was spent on lease cars and these are already relatively new so clean.

  10. Renรฉ says

    The business driver has been filled for years and that continues happily through the lower addition. You can also benefit from it for some time by the way. But the private pot is empty faster than expected, so you achieve better results than expected, what do you do …? stop instead of extra promotion.

  11. Nice Easy says

    Good reason to go for a car with a combustion engine. Are cheaper and easier to use.

  12. monsieurleloure says

    Do I get a subsidy because I drive a 14 year old 3.6 liter V6? There is no need to produce a new car so I am working on Co2 neutral ๐Ÿ˜œ

  13. AutomotiveDesigner says

    Good development. Let’s start where we can really bring about concrete change. Stop subsidies for fisheries and livestock farms. Consumers have been patronized long enough and are allowed to know what their food supply actually costs. No, the meat substitutes are not too expensive, your daily uninspired AGV prakkie on your plate is just way too cheap. From now on only AG and meat substitute; and we meet all climate targets in no time.

  14. jometdebanjo says

    What great news. Finally. Let’s see what will be sold now

  15. scrmeagle says

    I think these subsidy schemes are ridiculous. You don’t need a subsidy in those price ranges.

  16. mp014 says

    Luckily done with that nonsense !! Think that there are currently better goals to spend this money on.


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