BREAK: photos new BMW 2 Series leak on the web

new BMW 2 Series

See here, the new BMW 2 Series with premium RWD.

As loyal AB readers, you know of course: BMW is no longer BMW. In the past, the people of Munich only made cars with premium RWD. Today, especially the entry-level models often have an FWD base. Well, then there is no reason to go for such a Bavarian anymore. You might as well buy a Hyundai or an Audi.

It is hard for real enthusiasts. The switch also means that for a super sporty BMW you have to move to the larger models. They are not only more expensive, but also heavier. Okay, now the weight difference between an F87 M2 and an F82 M4 is not that bad, but even if it is purely in size, there is always something to be said for a small car with a very thick engine. Especially if that small car has RWD. Unfortunately, buyers of a 130i, M135i and M140i now have to give up hope, or are forced to continue growing. However?

Well, not quite, because the 2 series is still alive. Not in the form of the well-known vans or the new ones Opel Corsa sedan 2 Series Gran Coupe, but in the form of the 2 Series coupé. After all, since the end of last year we know that in addition to the FWD 2 Series there will also be a real 2 Series with RWD. The car is said to be based on the platform of the Z4 / Supra. Of course there will also be an M2 of this 2 Series, with the internal code name G87 and a six-in-line under the hood.

On Instagram the first photos of this new model have now been published thanks to Wilco Blok. On the front, the large kidneys are no surprise. It is refreshing that they do not go all the way down. You can still see a little Z4 in it. The rear seems to be an update of the current model, with a separate cut-out in the rear light unit and exhaust tailpipes with too many folds. Fortunately, the latter will probably be remedied with the M2 by double round chutes on both sides.


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