Buy emergency power for NAS: Three options

A NAS is often on day and night, and that makes the device quite vulnerable to power failures. To prevent your NAS from running out of power, you can buy a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). We present three models to you.

Usually a temporary power outage ends well, but once in a while things will go wrong… For example, does the electricity stop during a system update of your NAS or is there just a backup process in progress? This can have negative consequences, such as system failure or data loss.

With a so-called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) you prevent such doomsday scenarios. In an earlier article we already discussed what you should pay attention to if you want to buy a UPS for your NAS. The following three UPSs are a good buy.

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APC Back-UPS Pro BR900G-GR (€280)

This copy of APC contains a battery that absorbs power outages. In addition to a NAS, you can also connect all kinds of other equipment to it, such as a PC and router.

If you connect a NAS to this device via USB, this UPS will automatically disconnect the system correctly if necessary. The back includes five power sockets. The output power is 540 watts.

PowerWalker VI 850 SE

The PowerWalker VI 850 SE is an affordable UPS for home users. According to the compatibility list on Synology’s website, this backup power mainly works with the older NAS of the Taiwanese brand. The back has two sockets and just as many network ports. In addition, the front also contains one USB connection. This UPS offers a power of 480 watts.

Compared to more expensive emergency power supplies, the built-in battery offers relatively little capacity. Nevertheless, this UPS gives you enough time to properly shut down the NAS, provided you don’t wait too long.

Eaton Ellipse Pro ELP850DIN (€250)

Eaton targets the business market with this versatile UPS. In addition to your NAS, you can also connect all kinds of peripherals to it. You can use the four sockets, two network ports and the USB connection on the back for this.

Conveniently, you can read the power used and the remaining battery capacity on the display. The maximum output power is 510 watts. The Ellipse Pro ELP850DIN is for sale at various web shops.

Any more tips for optimal use of your NAS? Order the online NAS management course!


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