Buy this Quattroporte GT S for Passerati money

Quattroporte GT S

A new Passerati or a Quattroporte GT S for a little less money?

Recently the undersigned was busy configuring random cars. The great thing about this job is that I can’t play Patience, Doom or Minesweeper in his time, but I can wander around on configurators.


Coincidentally, I arrived at the Arteon, which we treated recently. This ‘Passerati’ is not very cheap. The starting price is about 47 grand. For that you have a 2.0 TSI in R-Line version. Choose color and thick wheels and you have a great sports sedan.


Passerati money

But for a little less than Passerati money nowadays you can also get the dream car of the dream cars. A real Maserati. If you live somewhere in the city center and have one car that you have to do everything with, then the M139 generation Maserati Quattroporte GT S is the ultimate car for many. It is exactly the version that you must want.

Quattroporte GT S

Temperamental V8

In the GT S, the 4.7 liter V8 (the Ferrari F-136Y to see exactly) delivers 440 roaring, wildly enthusiastic and spirited horses. It is Italian, so it all sounds more spectacular than it is. The 0-100 km / h in the Ze Quattroporte GT S sprint takes 5.1 seconds and the top speed is 285 km / h. With a little Audi S8 you can bark modestly here, but want to go fast or the thrill of going fast?


Quattroporte GT S

The beauty of this GT S version is that Maserati has chosen to really make it a sporty sedan. The Skyhook system was thrown overboard in favor of a sleek spring-damper combination. These springs were stiffer and the Quattroporte GT S is also lower on its rims, which in this case are breathtaking and measure 20 ″.

Quattroporte GT S


Then comes the clincher: “yes, but do you know what the maintenance costs?” Well, maintaining a Maserati is never cheap. But inquire what a BMW M5 (E60) does in maintenance. Or a CLS 63 AMG. Exactly: you also run out on that and those are just ordinary Teutons that are very wrong at the moment. The Maserati Quattroporte, on the other hand, is a timeless beauty and a classic in the making. In fact, the car already has that status, actually.

Quattroporte GT S


Prices for the Quattroporte GT S currently fluctuate around 40 grand. 40! Exactly what you have lost for the aforementioned Golf. For that you have a car that will never be made again. In fact, the current Quattroporte is still struggling to match its predecessor.


Peace of Mind

Interested? This copy is 11 years older than a new Arteon. It has also run 105,016 km, which in itself is not too bad for a large, luxury sedan. It’s only pretty much for a thoroughbred Italian. You can already feel the disadvantage: the Quattroporte GT S is both heavy and maintenance-sensitive. The seller gives a 1 month warranty on the engine and bucket. You can extend this to 3 or 6 months. At least something can be done peace of mind to give. Compared to a new Arteon you can easily reserve 10 mille for a small turn, license plate lighting and a wiper.

The ad you can view here.


  1. AutomotiveDesigner says

    Too bad about the duplicate code on the otherwise in perfect condition automobile.

    • karaya says

      I see a scratch on the left rim.

  2. yippie says

    They should actually just build that car again instead of the current Quatroporte. Anyway: just to that car polisher of Wouter and then make the buttons beautiful again and then it looks just as new as a 2020 Arteon. Only then much nicer.

    • karaya says

      Are you ten backs.

  3. pcooperworks says

    Beautiful, but 11 years old unfortunately. It is also only put on NL records after a year; I’m not a big fan of that. Fortunately, the seller promises a NAP certificate. Will I wonder what it says (RDW: no judgment?)…

  4. maarten020 says

    Just do it!

  5. Praeses says

    If money doesn’t matter, I would definitely consider one. It doesn’t get much cooler than this. If only for the sound …

  6. Pordon says

    To call this quattroporte a timeless beauty … No absolutely not. From this came out until now I have always found this a boring loft.


    • expert says

      @pordon: rinse your mouth very quickly !!


    • sliding trumpet says

      @pordon: what do you find exciting in this segment? You can find a lot of this device but boring does not occur to me.

  7. donaldjgarrison says

    Our Rickert with his W5 window cleaner from the Action may take a look at these shiny chairs to make them “factory new” again…

  8. saxoke says

    If you live in the city center, the maserati is really NOT the thing to have…. and if you don’t live in a city center, you don’t either. Outdated thing for way too much money

  9. davelepeef says

    Find a car full of character, but those ugly gray plastic clusters on the dashboard were no longer possible in 2009. I think it is a huge mistake in a car of this level.

  10. goodvibrations says

    So very beautiful. Better than the face-lift if you ask me .. Sound is also sublime .. Really a car to enjoy for a few more years before the EV era is a fait accompli… If you can afford it, do it! While it is still possible… 😍😎



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