Car manufacturers want tax money to stop China

Car manufacturers China

European car manufacturers are after your tax money to compete with Chinese car manufacturers.

On a blue Monday, the undersigned studied Political Science in Bolshevik’s Bolwerk Nimma. One of my buddies had already done that and said to me ‘Jaapiyo, don’t do it now, is not for you’. That turned out to be correct. When one of the questions in an exam was ‘what does teacher X think of the crisis of the empty chair?’ I was done with it. But in that short period of time, I did learn one important thing: in international relations, ultimately only the law of the fittest applies. You can make all the treaties you want, but when it comes down to it, pure power, mainly determined by financial and military power, is decisive.


This naturally raises the question of what we as Europe have to crumble in the future. For example, is that milk still drinkable, or is there lead in it, because we had to conclude a future TTIP / CETA with China? In any case, the European car manufacturers already envision a scenario that we will all be driving in Chinese bins. For them of course a doom scenario, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), for example, tells BNR Nieuwsradio, Eric-Mark Huitema:

The automotive industry is one of the few industries in which Europe is still really leading. It would be very bad if, for example, China took over this position. That costs millions of jobs.

Eric-Mark Huitema wants to see a lot of money to keep earning money

Tax money

To prevent this from happening, ACEA is urging European governments to maintain subsidies on EVs. In the Netherlands, for example, these are now being phased out. With extra tax money, the European brands can keep selling their hot wares to taxpayers or something. Much needed according to the ACEA, because the Chinese themselves do it too:

Look at a Swedish brand like Volvo, which has been in Chinese hands for a while. The government does provide subsidies there, which is one of the reasons why industry is recovering faster there.

Eric-Mark Huitema, could also have been called Mark-Eric

Charging stations

In addition to subsidies on EVs, ACEA also wants to see more investment by governments in charging points, so that EVs become more attractive to buy:

A lot of money is needed for that, about 3 billion euros. This makes the purchase of new electric cars attractive. It is actually a shame that there are still places in Europe without charging stations.

Eric-Mark Huitema wants the government to sow seeds so that he can harvest

Are you waiting to give heavy taxes to the European car manufacturers to buy an EV from the same manufacturers with your remaining money? Or would you rather not pay that tax and buy an EV subsidized by Chinese taxpayers? Let us know, in the comments!


  1. more mobile says

    I always think it is so beautiful that these kinds of large European car manufacturers are completely capitalist, but as soon as this same capitalism threatens their own trade, a kind of socialist protectionism must suddenly put a stop to that same capitalism of ‘the other’. Not going to work. Within the next few years, the Chinese will build just such good cars, or better ones, for a lot less money. Can you like it or not but this is it.

  2. driving on the left says

    As an EU, you can raise the import duties on Chinese products and start producing in Europe again

  3. moveyourmind says

    Sounds like a good plan…

    But my common sense says it’s not going to work. If the neighbour’s cows come over the fence to eat the grass in your pasture, you can sprinkle more and more fertilizer on them to ensure that there is so much grass that they can barely eat it, but they still eat your grass and the fatter those animals get, the more they can eat …

    Until one big dry mess remains.

    A good high fence with a lot of barbed wire, that’s the best thing and the only thing that works.

  4. jpsienen says

    Haha Mark Erik .. I mark that. Hai hai is that guy the brother of Jan David or something ..

  5. dees says

    For years, China has or had a fairly high import tax on car imports.
    Just do the same here

  6. Marc says

    No, let those electric cars produce in China cheaper. Can we at least pay to get from 4 million KT CO2 to 2? Asia is going quickly from 18 to 21, they should know


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