Car sales in China are plunging faster than ever

Is the same fate awaiting the Netherlands?

Now that the coronavirus has also hit the Netherlands, it is no longer a far-from-my-bed show. Nevertheless, we should not forget China, where it all started. The impact of the virus on car sales in China last month is now known, and those figures are quite dramatic.

In February, a whopping 79% fewer cars were sold in China than last year in the same month. This is the biggest monthly sales decline ever in China. Ultimately, the Chinese car salesmen managed to sell about 300,000 cars.

Last month, sales already fell by 21.6%. Before the Covid-19 virus emerged, the Chinese car market was also struggling. Indeed, there has been a downward trend since June 2018.

The Netherlands

Now that the coronavirus has also reached the Netherlands, a logical follow-up question is of course: what will this mean for car sales in our country? For example, the fact that events with more than 100 people are discouraged already means that certain dealer introductions must be canceled. Anyone who shows any flu-like symptoms should also avoid social contacts. Although we should not expect such a dramatic decline as in China, all this will not be conducive to Dutch car sales.

In a month it will be Easter again and that is traditionally a time when there is a lot of sales. By then, the coronavirus is unlikely to have died out yet. So it could be a meager Easter for car dealers.

Photo: Chinese Golf 6 R. through @ pinut187


  1. Rick-dos says

    Oh nice! Are we going to have carmageddon topics again?

    • peanut king says

      @ Rick-dos: exactly, we will get these kinds of articles for months on end. Rain is wet etc

  2. frank2b says

    Cars that are not sold today will be sold tomorrow.

    • basman147 says

      But in the meantime they are taking up capital and that makes accountants nervous. Now the stock will not grow so quickly because a lot of production is / has also come to a standstill, but it is expenditure that has not been included in the budget in advance. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that many people will now use the money they had ready for a new car for other things (100 packs of toilet paper, 100 pots of pasta sauce, etc.) and therefore not on this year. a new car arrive.

  3. raoufff says

    Prevention is better than the Chinese!

  4. markos78 says

    Thick rims under that Golf!

  5. mustang750supersnake says

    pfffoee… .. half the world is now in its hole…

  6. iphonistvongates says

    Reddit has an RSS feed in one of their darkest digital cellars, running 25 hours a day with these kinds of glass ball messages.

    1. In 9 to 10 months there will be a gigantic baby boom in Italy. There will be too few obstetricians, too few incubators, chronic shortage of baby milk shit, diapers, etc. In the next 15 years there will not be enough childcare places, schools, pediatricians, etc. In 25 years, a completely new young Mafia generation will take power in Italy and neighboring countries.

    2. The internet is killing itself by all people working from home who expect enormous bandwidth for 10 hours a day at the same time.

    3. HBO is working on a real life 22 hours a day Corona virus drama in 8K resolution with Dolby Atmos… to be continued!

  7. VeniVidiVici says

    No, NL cannot expect that fate, because most Dutch people have no money to buy a car. Leasing on the other hand…


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