Cherokee’s object to Jeep’s model name

What model name would that be?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best-selling Jeep models. In fact, it is currently the best-selling model. There is also the ‘Little’ Cherokee, which also sells well. It is also a model that has been around for a long time. The first Cherokee was introduced in 1974. At the time, Jeep had only forgotten one thing: they had not consulted the Cherokee Indians.

They had never heard of political correctness in the 1970s. So it probably wouldn’t have occurred to anyone that this name could possibly be offensive. We are now 47 years later and guess what? The Cherokee’s do take offense at the type designation. For those who have never read Native American stories before, the Cherokee’s are an Indian tribe.

The current chief of the Cherokee’s, Brave Beaver Chuck Hoskin Jr., has objected to the name. He doesn’t consider it an honor for Jeep to put the Cherokee name on their cars. He also says that he has no doubts about Jeep’s good intentions.

Hoskin does not come up with a statement on his own initiative, but came with it after he got through Car and Driver his opinion had been asked on this matter. Since political correctness is in its heyday in the US, anything referring to Indians is a hot topic. For this reason, the Cleveland Indians and the Redskins have already changed their names.

Hoskin thinks this is a good development. According to the Cherokee, it is really impossible today for companies and sports teams to use names and symbols of Indians. He would therefore prefer to see Jeep come up with a different name.

Taking a video offline is one thing, but renaming your most successful model is quite another. Of course Jeep doesn’t feel like it. But they can’t make an outright saying ‘no’ to the Cherokee chief. In a statement, Jeep therefore says that the name has been carefully chosen and that it is a tribute to the “noble, brave and proud Indians”. The Cherokee’s no longer have feathers on their heads, but now they do in their ass.

Unfortunately for the car manufacturer, the Indians are not very pleased with this ‘tribute’. Jeep is more than willing to talk to Hoskins, however. Who knows, maybe the Cherokee’s and the people of Jeep will soon be smoking a pipe of peace.

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  1. raym says

    – edit: try to phrase it a bit neater please –

  2. MrHyde says

    A man in a raincoat just came to me to whisper that the African Touareg have objected to VW. They also want to be called “noble, brave and proud warriors.”

  3. driving on the left says

    You can also be proud that they use this name, sounds a lot more positive

  4. TheWhiteCondor says

    To my knowledge, the name Cherokee in itself is not protected and Jeep should be allowed to use it. Always dangerous to shout in this day and age but I don’t quite understand why the Cherokee mind this. Apparently they didn’t mind so much before, because you don’t hear anything about it for decades, but because there is now a movement going on, they do mind. I wouldn’t sleep for a minute if Jeep launched the Dutchmen, who cares?

    • bbjorn says

      @dewittecondorI think a bit of nagging about it, everyone must now find everything offensive, that is the hype nowadays

  5. thjvanvlerken says

    Naja shouldn’t use symbols and the like of certain population groups… then they should protect the name cherokee I would say. You should also have trouble with terms made in Holland or made in America😂

  6. escort77 says

    That a name like redhead or a caricature depiction of an Indian with a feather in his attire can be taken as offensive, okay, I can somewhat understand. But the name Cherokee isn’t offensive, is it?

    Maybe they want money. Or a new wigwam (just kidding …)

  7. LaLancia says

    The world is going crazy.

  8. hippopotamus says

    Now that I am exactly 33 years old, I think I am entitled to an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. And a little quickly.

  9. Arnoud says

    What about all those military helicopters?


    Those are more symbols of military oppression.

    • griffendahl says

      And the PolskiFiat: P

  10. moveyourmind says

    I understand those Indians.

    Come from the trailer park and be very bothered by the fact that Chrysler uses the name ‘traveler’. But even worse is that Sinterklaas in a cheap way makes us ridiculous every year on December 5 by very showy with a Tabbert through the country.


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