Chinese Media crack Tesla’s safety after abysmal test [video]

Chinese Media crack Tesla

Chinese media are criticizing the Tesla Model 3. The safety would leave something to be desired.

China is extremely important to Tesla right now. The new factory in Shanghai actually saves the ‘bacon‘from the American car manufacturer. Especially when the Coronavirus paralyzed the factory in Freemont, Tesla was dependent on Chinese production and sales to give the figures some body. That worked very well, in any case better than many expected.

China saves Tesla

Analysts thought that Tesla would again not have a sales of 500,000 cars this year. But due to the Far East, the losses were relatively easy. It was one of the catalysts for the enormous demand for Tesla’s stock. But since a fatal accident involving a Tesla in early September, the brand has come under fire again.


In the accident, a Tesla rammed into several stationary cars and a few pedestrians. Two people lost their lives. The woman was not under the influence and the local police ruled without going into details that it was a fault in the car. In this case, it does not help for the image that a Tesla Model 3 was hit hard during a demonstration of the autonomous braking systems of cars.

BIEM !! 1!

In a comparison test with three other cars, the Tesla Model 3 performed by far the worst when it comes to braking for pedestrians crossing. In fact, the Model 3 simply mows these robots down hard, as shown in the video below. BIEM !! 1!

Tesla has not given any text and explanation about the video, that has been discussed frequently on Weibo. Tesla apologists say Tesla’s Dojo 4 computer is so extremely good that it recognizes that these are not real people. However, that does not explain why the Tesla just collides with inanimate objects. In the longer version of the video you can see that several other cars do brake for the walking robots.

What this will mean for the popularity of Tesla in China remains to be seen …

Image Credit: @TNThomas via Autojunk


  1. grass eater says

    Are the other test cars by coincidence from Chinese brands? Looks like nie. I hope someone can repeat this test, in you know, a country where journalism is not limited. Now I still think hmm, not completely convinced.

  2. scrmeagle says

    Did not expect anything else

  3. arias says

    China does not need to lecture others. When we talk about lies and reliability, we have all known how it is with them since March. First go and test your own fake junk


  4. sjonnie paving tile says

    How tired of all that Tesla bashing on Techzle …

  5. mpgc says

    We from toilet duck …


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