Chinese Tesla Model 3s also delayed

Chinese Tesla Model 3s delayed

The reason for the delay will not surprise you.

The Tesla Model 3 is a huge success. According to skeptics, critics and vinegar drinkers, this is only due to subsidies granted on electric cars. That is of course far too short because of the bend. There is a lot of competition in the price range Tesla Model 3. Those competitors sell considerably less well.


The Model 3 is not only popular in Norway and the Netherlands. This is the case in many countries worldwide. In fact, Tesla can hardly keep up with demand. The fact that the Model 3 was hardly sold in the Netherlands last month is mainly due to the fact that no boat with Model 3s arrived in the Dutch harbor in January.


Our Model 3s come from America. That is not the only factory where Tesla screws the Model 3 together. But there is also a Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. This factory has only just been taken into use, but now it is almost time to stop activities. That means that the delivery of Tesla Model 3 is delayed for some markets.

Corona virus

The reason is simple. The Corona virus is prevalent in those regions. The assembly therefore stands still for a while. The intention is that February 10 the assembly line is active again. Elon Musk has big plans with the gigafactory in China. At the end of 2020 all parts of the production process will be carried out at the factory in China. A virus at that time can really mean a serious Model 3 delay.



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  1. amghans says

    Many factories were already standing there anyway. Because of Chinese New Year. The factory holidays have been extended by a week, indeed because of the bark cough. The industry is expected to start again early next week. Tesla is therefore Keurig in line with the general picture.

    • hiostu says

      @amghans: no it’s not the barking cough … It’s the Kong Flu!

  2. fmgarcia says

    It seems to me that a Lobot is not bothered by that.

  3. cow mountain says

    “The reason for the delay will not surprise you.”
    Me: Delivery problems with the batteries.
    “Corona virus”
    Me: Wrong bet.


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