Christian Horner believes in extra money from the Formula 1 organization

Christian Horner money

They too will be interested in giving the teams enough money, said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

No Formula 1 races are run. That is a shame for the teams, after all, their expenditure has already been partly incurred by developing the cars. Races could bring those costs back to normal a bit.

Large and small teams

Don’t worry about Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull. They will make it. If you see the amounts that are slipping for sport, you will save a crisis year. It’s a different story for small (er) teams. They really have to race to keep their heads above water. And with the chances of racing this season getting smaller and smaller, that could be disastrous.

From the VIP area

Help is at hand. Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, still believes in an (half) F1 season. But if it all falls apart, Max Verstappen’s coach doesn’t fear much. Money can come from the organization, he says. Horner has nothing to fear, because Red Bull is one of those teams that “has easy talking”. Just shout from the VIP area with free champagne that there is probably someone who wants to bring you a beer. But it is also nice as a heart under the belt, right?

Liberty Media

Christian Horner says that putting extra money into those teams is also in the interest of Liberty Media. This American company that ‘owns’ F1 since 2017, probably still has an emergency budget somewhere. Nor would it be good for the sport if the smaller teams were to suffer from this crisis. After the corona crisis, what should you start with only five or six teams? “Liberty Media will do everything it can to have 10 teams in the pit box again next year.” If it is up to Horner, it will all work out.

Cost ceiling

In any case, there is talk of cutting money, take the cost ceiling somewhat the new rules of 2021 is introduced. Where the big teams sometimes put 400 million dollars into the sport, McLaren wants to reduce the limit to 100 million, for example. The current compromise is $ 175 million, also because Christian Horner claims that Red Bull can pay no less than $ 140 million in money. The Red Bull boss thinks putting cars on sale is not a bad idea. “That way, those smaller teams can cut R&D and focus on being an F1 team. Money, because it has to roll. (through The Guardian)


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