Citroën C4 2020: data, pictures, market launch

French compact car comes with an electric drive. The new Citroën C4 inherits both C4 and C4 Cactus – and drives purely electrically. All information about the new French compact sedan for 2020.

Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 13

Source: Citroën
The new Citroën C4 will start in the fourth quarter of 2020 and should win over the previous C4 drivers as well as the Citroën customers who have previously bought a Cactus

It doesn’t work without an SUV, but neither without the classic compact segment. The French brand Citroën now wants to unite both worlds. The previous series C4 (Type N, 2010-2018) and C4 Cactus (I + II, 2014-2020) will be replaced by a new Citroën C4 in autumn. A classic hatchback sedan, the rear of which cites Citroën classics such as GS or CX – but which also picks up on the SUV zeitgeist with increased ground clearance and large wheels. In the front, the designers operate another feature of the brand’s history: LED headlights that steer along refer to the first cornering light in automobile history in the Citroën DS from 1955.

The C4 is traditionally one of the most important compact models in southern Europe and especially in France. Here the newcomer has to provide for quantities. Even if it should remain exotic in Germany. The length of 4.36 meters therefore places the new C4 in the middle of the segment, on par with Ford Focus or Opel Astra . The new model is 1.80 meters wide and, as the SUV shape shows, 1.52 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.67 meters (C4 Cactus: 2.59 m). The trunk, which is equipped with a double floor, has a capacity of 380 liters, with the rear seat folded down, a maximum of 1,250 liters fit inside. According to Citroën, the C4 has the greatest knee room in the compact segment in the back seat.

In the PSA Group, the Doppelwinkel brand is positioning itself as a cheaper and somewhat quirky alternative to Peugeot and Opel. Simple solutions for low prices were the core of the concept for the C4 Cactus, for example. There are no longer folding windows, full-length rear seat backrests and similar savings measures in the new C4. However, the golf opponent is the only compact model in the PSA Group that is not based on the compact platform (EMP2), but on an extended small car base (CMP). The reason: Citroën wants to offer the new one as a purely electric car . In the PSA kit, this is only possible on the small car platform.

Citroën C4 2020: engines

“Not to do it would be a bet,” says brand boss Vincent Cobée when presenting the new C4. There is demand for such a vehicle across Europe – driven in part by government subsidies. In the compact segment, the purely electric French actually doesn’t face much competition yet. VW brings the ID.3, Nissan has the Leaf, Hyundai and Kia the Ioniq and the Niro.

The electric drive in the Citroën e-C4 corresponds to that in the Opel Corsa e or Peugeot e-208. The Citroën also offers 50 kWh battery capacity and 100 kW (136 PS) engine power. The electric compact drives to 100 km / h in 9.7 seconds, Citroën limits the top speed to 150 km / h. The Citroën e-C4 charges at a fast charging station with up to 100 kW. Alternatively, it can fill up with electricity from a wallbox in the garage or from a conventional socket. PSA offers an eight-year or 160,000 kilometer guarantee on the battery.

In addition, Citroën wants to offer the C4 with diesel and gasoline engines. We expect an offer parallel to the sister model DS 3 Crossback: three-cylinder petrol engines with a displacement of 1.2 liters produce 100, 130 or 155 hp. An 8-speed automatic transmission can be ordered as an alternative to the manual six-speed gearbox. There is also a 1.5-liter four-cylinder diesel with an output of 100 hp and 130 hp.

For Citroën, comfort is a classic brand essence. In the last few years the French have been trying harder to do this again. The new C4 takes over the progressive hydraulic suspension from the C4 Cactus. With this system, hydraulic stops slow down and dampen strong body movements. This allows greater spring deflection, just like the French way. There are also special seat cushions and wide, comfortable armchairs, as well as careful shielding of the interior from wind and engine noise.

Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 3
Source: Citroën
Clear cockpit, but buttons for the air conditioning: Inside view of the Citroën C4 2020

Citroën C4: assistance and technology

In the cockpit, Citroën relies on a greatly reduced operating backdrop. There is a wide screen in front of the driver and another in the center console. The 10-inch touchscreen bundles the functions for air conditioning, media, telephone and navigation. Citroën reacts to a frequent point of criticism: at least the climate control system has correct buttons and wheels. The other functions can be operated parallel to the touchscreen via voice control. The system supports MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for connectivity.

From the Citroën C3, the C4 takes over a dashcam in the inside mirror, with which the driver can take photos or film. The camera has its own memory of 16 GB. The French are offering the passenger a real world first: they integrate a retractable pad holder into the glove compartment, which can be used to safely watch a film or surf the Internet while driving.

When it comes to driver assistants, the new Citroën C4 has what is currently the norm: an active lane keeper, an active emergency brake assist, traffic sign recognition and a drowsiness warning serve for safety. The 180-degree reversing camera and trailer stabilization help when maneuvering. For a surcharge, a motorway assistant drives almost by itself in certain traffic situations. The Citroën C4 masters autonomy level 2, which means: the hand must remain on the steering wheel. A head-up display, a heated windshield and heated seats at the front and rear ensure comfort.

Citroën C4 2020: market launch and prices

Citroën has not yet given any information about the prices of the new C4, but emphasizes that it should be more affordable than you think. In the compact class, this currently means: The list entry price should be less than 20,000 euros. The electric version could cost around 35,000 euros. Production at the Mulhouse plant is scheduled to start in autumn after the plant holidays. Citroën hopes to have the C4 “before Christmas” in all major markets. Germany could get the new model a little earlier.

Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 11
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 1
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 12
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 13
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 14
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 2
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 3
Citroen C4 2020 new presentation 5
Citroen C4 new presentation 234

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