Clavier + 10.8.4 – Create shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts also make it less necessary to grab the mouse in macOS

A key combination that allows you to quickly perform a task reduces the use of the computer mouse and keeps your hands on the keyboard. In addition, it is faster to press Windows key + E to open File Explorer, for example, than to pick the program from the start menu. With Clavier + you create such shortcuts yourself.

Clavier + 10.8.4




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  • Pros
  • Create your own shortcuts
  • Negatives
  • Old-fashioned interface

Windows already has some shortcuts of its own that most people remember easily. With Windows key + I open the Windows Settings, with Windows key + E you start Windows Explorer. Clavier + is a portable app to create and manage shortcuts yourself.

Two conditions

After opening the tool, you will see that Clavier + has already created five shortcuts. Windows key + Shift + Q opens the Calculator and Windows key + N opens Notepad. In addition, there is a shortcut to form the Euro sign and two shortcuts that take you to a specific location in File Explorer (to the C: drive and the Program Files folder). There are two things to keep in mind. No shortcut is active when the Clavier + settings window is open. Second, Clavier + must be running in the background if you want to use a keyboard shortcut. That is why it is checked by default that Clavier + starts up together with the system. If you close Clavier + anyway, the shortcuts will no longer work.

You can see which shortcuts have already been created.


Clavier + saves the configuration of the shortcut keys in a small file. You can save various configurations in different files and load them by right-clicking on the Clavier + icon in the system tray. You can also create a new shortcut with a right mouse click and then select the assignment Configure. Then click on the blue plus sign. Then you have the choice: do you want to start a program, type a special character, open a website, add certain text, open a folder and so on. In the next step, you press the desired key combination. You can indicate that a shortcut may only be active in certain programs. For example, you can specify that a text is typed automatically when you press a certain keyboard shortcut in Word.


Clavier + is portable freeware that is less than 200 kilobytes in size, but that makes working on the PC more pleasant. The Dutch help files show how you gradually get more out of this tool and which keys you should not use in a shortcut combination.

When the shortcut is already in use, Clavier + will refuse your proposal.

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