Compact Tesla still far away: ‘We are not working on it now’


Tesla made a record profit last year, but that does not alter the fact that the company still has a lot of work to do. CEO Elon Musk leaves an explanation of the figures to the news agency Reuters know that Tesla will not release any new models in the coming year. The company is currently not working at all on the long-awaited compact Tesla.

Musk already hinted in 2020 that Tesla was considering developing a smaller car under the Model 3. That car would then cost around $25,000 (converted €22,297). Last year, a rumor even surfaced that Tesla and Toyota would be working together on a compact crossover. The Tesla CEO said in 2020 that the model should be on the market in three years, but that seems a vain hope. Musk states that Tesla is currently not working on the compact model because the company has too much on its plate. It is not clear whether Tesla had already started working on the new entry-level model.

In any case, for the time being we do not have to count on a small Tesla under the Model 3. The American EV builder is therefore quite busy: it was recently announced that the Cybertruck has been postponed until 2023, but Musk also expresses the expectation. that the long-awaited ‘Semi’ truck and the Roadster will be on the market in the same year. That seems like quite a mess. In any case, this year we do not have to count on the market introduction of a new Tesla.

FSD in 2022?

Musk remains optimistic: He thinks his company can put 1.4 million new cars on the road this year and that Teslas can drive completely independently this year. “I would be shocked if we don’t achieve full self-driving, safer than humans, this year,” he said. As with many of Musk’s claims, the adage applies: see, then believe. The CEO is known for the fact that the timelines he outlines for certain developments are often on the optimistic side.

In AutoWeek 3 we looked extensively ahead of the new compact Tesla. The preview will soon be published here on the website in the ‘View to the Future’ section.

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