Consumers’ association casts shadow on Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk’s response to the Consumers’ Association was probably ‘Tell me YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY’.

Tesla has many fans, but also some ‘enemies’. In the last category you could place the American Consumer Reports (CR), say the American version of our Consumers’ Association. The union itself undoubtedly sees that differently, they naturally consider themselves normal fair and balanced. But the Tesla camp is usually not very happy with the somewhat dusty but powerful institution.

Model S recommendation withdrawn

Tesla has already been flared by Consumer Reports a number of times. For example, CR withdrew the initially warm recommendation for the Model S in 2015. This on the basis of complaints from buyers of the car affiliated with CR. Based on this, it was concluded that the Model S was struggling with an array of detailed and complicated maladies. These included very serious issues such as problems with the powertrain and charging equipment. But also beeps, creaks and leaking sunroofs are said to be commonplace. The rating for Tesla’s first mass product it even changed to worse than average. Ouch.

CR not a fan of Tesla

Two years later, CR’s Model 3 got just one rating from average in terms of reliability. At least that’s better than below average, but Musk is of course not going for a cowardly sufficient. He was therefore quite exasperated by CR’s assessment.

However, it has not helped. Tesla’s newest asset, the Model Y, gets one not recommended rating from CR. The rationale for this is now well known. At CNN, CR’s car honcho Jake Fisher explains that the Model Y suffers from the issues we know from Tesla and that that is very disappointing:

A car might be great to drive and have all the features you want. But all that won’t matter to you much if you have to keep going back to the dealer for repairs. It’s some basic stuff they’re not getting right, which is disappointing. It’s disappointing that body panels are not aligned so they can’t even shut the back hatch. It’s disappointing the paint has so many problems. You’d think this is stuff they would be able to get right from the start.

Jake Fisher, not related to Sam Fisher

Now only for Lincoln

The Model Y’s poor score means that Tesla as a brand is still falling in CR’s list of most reliable brands. Tesla is now twenty-fifth of twenty-six brands, behind Volkswagen and in front @lincoln. Whose deed.


  1. moveyourmind says

    Good for them ..

    But everyone knows that, except for a few simple Rutte tunes @Lincoln is above average.

    And then Tesla would be worse than average while they are even one place higher ..

    They are out of control.


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Consumers’ association casts shadow on Tesla Model Y.

Elon Musk's response to the Consumers' Association was probably 'Tell me YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'. Tesla has many fans, but also some 'enemies'. In the last category...

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