Corvette production shut down for a painful second time

New Corvette Stingray

Things are not going so well with Chevrolet, because for the second time Corvette production comes to a halt.

Shortages are a problem all over the world right now. From video cards to chips for cars and smartphones. In the most serious case, a manufacturer is forced to stop production because they are out of stock. That can happen once, but in the case of Corvette it is already a second time.

General Motors spokesman Dan Flores says opposite Automotive News that there is a shortage of parts. As a result, the production of the Corvette C8 cannot continue. Next week, from 1 March, production will be halted for a full working week. This is the factory in Bowling Green in the US state of Kentucky.

We are still fresh in 2021, but as said, this is the second time this year for Chevrolet that production of the Corvette has to be discontinued. The factory was also closed for two weeks at the beginning of February. It is expected to start producing cars again on 8 March. GM has not disclosed which part or parts are missing, but does stress that it is not chips.

Normally 180 cars a day roll off the line at the Bowling Green factory. That means that hundreds of copies of the Corvette will be produced next week. Customers who have an open order must take into account a delayed delivery of the car.

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  • Corvette production shut down for a painful second time

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  1. cossiekiller says

    The fat is from the soup.

  2. amghans says

    Of course, Stallone saw this coming from afar and therefore bought an already built one in Verweggistate.

  3. frank2b says

    Normally a fast car.


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