Crash Tiger Woods turns out to be good news for Genesis


Tiger Woods went for the bogey last week, but his crash may be good news for Genesis.

It was again not a really nice week in the life of Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger Woods. In sunny Rancho Palos Verdes, the wave god went on an early morning kablabber three days ago. Woods’s car crossed two lanes, hit a tree next to the road, and eventually came to a stop on its side. The image of the wreck was by no means a pleasant sight.

The mangle

Woods was therefore pretty taken in by the mangle. He had to be taken to hospital with multiple open fractures in his leg. It remains to be seen whether the best man will recover in such a way that he can play golf well again. But in the meantime, some are already working on the really important questions. What does such an incident do for the brand associated with it?


Woods dutifully drove a Genesis GV80. Genesis, as you all know, is Hyundai’s luxury division. The brand is not yet delivered in Europe. In America there is now an impressive line of products in the showroom. The models invariably score good test results in terms of reliability and the like, but Genesis also experiences how difficult it is to compete with the premium brands. Creating a bit of brand awareness by letting Tiger drive a Korean Bentayga like the GV80 can’t hurt. Or well, unless he crashes with it and there is a very large extra Genesis logo on the door. However?

No such thing as bad publicity

No! Karl Brauer, executive analyst at, suspects that Genesis benefits from the mishap, he reports in The New York Post:

I hate to use the [saying] ‘no such thing as bad publicity’, but there’ll be that much more awareness of Genesis than there was a week ago. Any bad news can be devastating for 24 hours or 48 hours… but the increased awareness of Genesis will last a lot longer than that.

Karl Brauer, on the bright side

CFRA Research analyst Garrett Nelson also thinks Genesis is benefiting from the misfortune of its banner. In fact, he thinks people see the fact that Woods survived the crash as a sign that the GV80 is safe:

Genesis is a lot smaller than the other luxury brands. The luxury market’s very competitive. You have pretty much all of the automakers having at least one luxury brand. It doesn’t appear that the car was at fault or there was any kind of equipment failure or anything like that. Conversely, it might just be the opposite, where people see the mangled vehicle and wonder how anyone could survive that and realize it’s because he was very well protected in that vehicle.

Garrett Nelson, makes lemonade from lemons

Do you also want a Genesis now? Or do you still think Genesis is Skynet? Let us know, in the comments!

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