Do F1 drivers have to participate in sim races?

F1 sim races

Come on, take one for the team and participate in those F1 sim races.

Bernie Ecclestone is crying out that the new F1 rights holder should abolish all season. However, the same rights holder has completely different ideas about this. Liberty Media has already made a huge sacrifice at the fair and the company is keen to knit it straight. Collecting huge costs by abolishing all races does not directly fit into that strategy. Instead, the Americans are trying to keep us warm with “official” F1 sim races. Last week it was time for the first in a virtual Bahrain, next weekend there will be racing with pixels in Australia.

The intention is that as many real F1 drivers as possible participate in the party. That would of course immediately make the whole thing more interesting. Finally we can see who is the best in the same material. But yes, that is also the reason that some probably do not participate. The risk of failure is too great. For the “recognized toppers” like Vettel and Hamilton it is a bit inconvenient when they are hit by Nicolas Latifi. After all, poor Vettel’s salary is already under so much pressure. As a result, only two current and five former F1 drivers entered the race last week. Meh.

Now I hear you think such a game F1 2019 is of course quite different from the real thing. ” It is also true, but that is precisely why the cowards who do not participate now can justify a defamatory defeat properly to their supporters? It used to be the most normal thing in the world for F1 drivers to compete in other classes, where they competed with “lesser gods”. Even then “big boys” didn’t always win. But did that compromise their reputation? Or do we nevertheless have more respect for Niki and Keke because they also drove sports cars and touring cars? If you are really confident in your skills, there is nothing to fear …

In addition, there is the idea to take a little responsibility for your sport and your fans. They ensure that you can hang out in the first place, as our southern neighbors would say. Is playing an computer game for an hour and a half really too much for the men drivers? I think not! 1 !!

So bad plan: just let the FIA ​​hand out some points in these sim races. Then the smaller teams immediately start for the prize money and the top players have to show up for the World Cup. Liberty Media has a few million viewers. Great idea?


  1. arhanso says

    When you make a lot of money can be made, you will get the real F1 sierace heroes. And then the question is whether there is even an F1 driver good enough….

  2. reactive says

    What a cock. Happen to participate in a competition you’ve never participated in …

    • jaapiyo says

      Only rookie this year is Latifi.


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