Download and import free books into the Books app on iPhone and iPad

You can import your own books into the Books app (iBooks) so you can read them on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In this article, you can read how to import the books in ePub or PDF format to the desktop or read directly into the Books app on your iPhone or iPad.

With Apple’s Books app (formerly iBooks) you can read e-books on the iPad and iPhone. Those books don’t have to be purchased from the iBooks Store, as you can also import items yourself. In this tip, learn how to add your own books to the Books app and then read them on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Download books on iPhone and iPad
  • Import books to the Mac

Download books on iPhone and iPad

Often the detour via the desktop is not necessary. You can also read books directly into the iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad. You usually do this via Safari or another browser.

If you come across an ePub file or a PDF without DRM on a website, you can send it directly to the Books app via the share menu. The book will then be saved in your Books library and will also appear on other devices.

Download eBook

You can also receive the books as an attachment by email and then open them in the iBooks app. Another way is to download in the background. Then tap the top right corner of Safari to view your downloads and tap the newly downloaded ePub or PDF file.

Read eBook in Books app

Import books and PDFs into the Books app on Mac

Importing your own books only works if they are in ePub and PDF format, without DRM. You can find a lot of digital books on the internet, especially classics that are no longer copyrighted. Take a look at Project Gutenberg, or Some books are already in ePub format, others you can easily convert with, for example Caliber. Also, there are contemporary authors such as Cory Doctorow and Chris Anderson, who make books available for free in the hope that you will also buy the paper book.

How to import new books to your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Books app on the Mac.
  2. Drag the ePub or PDF file into your collection.
  3. Apple will sync the books with iCloud.

They will automatically appear on your iPhone or iPad. If that is not the case, please check Settings> [jouw Apple ID] > iCloud> Books whether the sync switch is on. All notes and highlights will then also be synchronized.

You can give the books you imported a nice cover. We have written a separate tip about this.


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