Driver company car misses cyclist completely [video]

Company car hits cyclist

This video shows how important it is to keep an eye on your blind spot. Especially if you are out and about with a company car.

As motorists, we can still find cycling so annoying. They are also a very vulnerable group at the same time, so we have to take this into account. That said: those cyclists may sometimes also take our drivers into account more often. Give and take, you know it.

Driving a company car usually entails greater responsibilities. They are larger, more difficult to drive in loaded form and you have a larger blind spot. The latter requires extra attention when inserting onto the highway, or turning off at an intersection. Turning casually and therefore not keeping an eye on the cycle path can have serious consequences.

In London, England, it was recorded how such a casual action went wrong. The driver of a truck turns off, but forgets that there are several two-wheelers on the bicycle track. A collision is the result. The victim in question is wearing a helmet and afterwards the injuries were not too bad. However, these types of collisions can end up very differently. Even with a small delivery van it is sometimes careful.

According to the uploader of the YouTube video the driver had to appear in court. He was converted into a 360-euro fine. On top of that came the costs of the 400-euro case. Six points were also removed from his driver’s license. The incident took place in May 2019. The lawsuit with the ruling was a few weeks ago.


  1. Dutch drifting says

    If you first catch up with a cyclist and then don’t look it up with a turn, you don’t understand….

  2. alassad says

    Do something about the placement of the – on the app boys … is now company swagen 🙂

  3. crazy henk says

    What I never understand … why must we first look at an intersection for 45 seconds … cut gwn a little to size 🤣

  4. Shenkie says

    From experience, turning off a Sprinter in Amsterdam and crossing a bike path, I can say that it can be very difficult. I try to count the number of cyclists beforehand, but sometimes there are so many or even more unseen from an alley.

    In such a case, after everything seems to have passed (!), Good luck and very calmly. In addition, the idiotic maneuvers that some cyclists do.

  5. arhanso says

    Although I sometimes curse (electric) cyclists, for example at a roundabout where they sometimes pop out of nowhere, I personally cannot imagine that I would have overlooked this racing cyclist. There is nobody who rides a cyclist out of socks for fun. As a cyclist you also have to understand that you are a vulnerable participant in traffic …

  6. onnes says

    You can flush the first minute đź‘Ť

  7. imaginenl says

    Cycling fast in the city is also pretty risky. I also always drive 25/30 km / h through Amsterdam and many road users simply do not take this into account. I think this driver also thought he was already past the cyclists and at the moment of the turn the cyclist was just in his blind spot.

  8. cart stallion says

    Always sad when a great artist like Stevie Wonder has to spend his last days as a supermarket deliverer.

  9. to bear says

    I’m a bit tired of those clickbait titles now. This was clearly the case.



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