Dutch Audi RS3 blown to barrels with fireworks

RS3 fireworks

Ban or not, the above Audi RS3 fell victim to fireworks.

True gasoline heads have many affectionate names for cars like the Audi RS3. Hot hatchback, fat bomb, you know it. In the ever-cozy Brabant, however, these terms came a little too close yesterday for the RS3 of Bianca and her husband. The small fast brass knuckle-duster was blown up by a few bastards who used fireworks for this. Fireworks are illegal for private individuals this year anyway, but given the damage to the car, we can safely assume that it was not a few Astronauts.

Fireworks hoes

At BN de Stem, the owner from Prinsenbeek leaves record that the debris was scattered up to twenty meters away. On pictures you can see that the hood is completely wrinkled, like a layer of aluminum foil over one Beef Wellington after hours of waiting for it to be done. You can look at the roaring five-burner under the hood. So that will be a big bill for the insurer. But the financial settlement is only part of the story for the owners:

However, the enormous bang that this has caused will not leave you in cold clothes. The wreckage of the car was up to 20 meters away after the explosion, says Vink. This explosion was so loud, the whole street was immediately upright in bed.

Bianca, owner of the RS3


The same owners have therefore offered a reward of 5,000 Euros for the person who comes with the golden tip that leads to the rapalje that is responsible for this cowardly attack. Thereby there is also a call to share a Facebook post.


In any case, there are camera images on which all this can be seen. So let’s hope these bastards are dealt with very hard …


  1. sailboat says

    I don’t get the fun of destroying other people’s things with fireworks. Very sour to see this like this. And then old and new have yet to come. Get well soon.

  2. raoulduke says

    This is a shame, but if you can afford an RS3, a garage can also be removed, right? useful to avoid such scenes.

    • potver7 says

      What kind of strange comment is that …

    • reset says

      Yes of course it is the owner’s fault. He shouldn’t have bought an RS3. That is provocation! In addition, you have to take Audi to court because they have made a too attractive car. If that had not happened, this could not have happened to the owner. And those bastards. Well, just children who know nothing about it and were playing with street-legal peas. It is really lucky that, due to the unexpectedly sudden disassembly (splitting quality of course), nothing happened to them.

    • alcantara says

      No, the joke is that these kinds of cars can often be found in working-class neighborhoods without their own driveway.
      Personally, I wouldn’t even want an expensive car if I couldn’t park it on site, I’m already shit if I have to park in a public lot. Let alone that your car is on the street day and night….

    • benja01 says

      so it’s your own fault?

    • Jochempie says

      Victim blaming, buddy.

    • connoisseur says

      @raoulduke: yes no one more a nice car. Everyone is a bicycle with steel rims because it is not expensive and cannot be broken. Go back to North Korea

    • ArcoS says

      @raoulduke: well… #remarkvandweek price already forgiven? If not, here’s a contender

    • erce says

      @raoulduke: wait what? Guest! That is like blaming the victim for rape; she shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Lumberjack says

    Well, in a slightly different context… since 1.5 years I have a house with a garage where the private mini is nice and safe. With us also regularly airbag thieves active, nice if she is inside! My lease box is outside….


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Dutch Audi RS3 blown to barrels with fireworks

Ban or not, the above Audi RS3 fell victim to fireworks. True gasoline heads have many affectionate names for cars like the Audi RS3. ...

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