Dutch dealers and importers are granted a postponement from the government

Dutch dealers and importers

Dutch dealers and importers are now also assisted by the government.

Dutch car dealers and importers are currently in heavy weather. Thanks to the corona virus, sales of new cars are dropping completely. Of course, people prefer to wait for the uncertain times before purchasing a new car. Dealers notice this immediately and therefore importers too.


The business market is also causing declining sales figures. Ordering a new lease car will of course be postponed. Logically, companies now have other challenges than keeping their fleet up-to-date. This is at the expense of Dutch dealers and importers. Fortunately, the government is going to help them. At least, the government welcomes Dutch dealers and importers. The BOVAG reports this to the Auto update from BNR.

Deferral of BPM payment

This is done in the form of deferred payment. The tax levied on passenger cars (BPM) may now be paid a little later. Normally this purchase tax had to be paid every month. That is a little later, now it has to be paid quarterly.

More air

This can give the relevant dealer or importer just a little more air. The money stays in the cashier just a little longer. Incidentally, it is a tool that the dealers out of the fire helps, but not likes. After all, the tax will still have to be paid. The prospects are also not very good. In any case, there are serious blows in the car industry at the moment, because people hardly drive anymore. This ensures that garages, damage repair companies and parts suppliers end up in heavy weather.


The scheme also applies on top of the schemes that were already offered by the government at the beginning of this week. It is an additional arrangement because the dealers and importers are hit extra hard. It is not yet known how long the scheme will apply.

Photo credit: a lot BMW’s i8 van @ row1 via Autojunk.


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