Dutch diesel sales 40 percent lower in 2019

Dutch diesel sales 40 percent lower in 2019

Nowhere else in Europe did diesel sales fall so much.

Soot taxes, nitrogen, brands that stop selling diesels. The diesel car does not have a good image in the Netherlands and that is reflected in the sales figures. In 2019 only 32,836 new diesels were put on license plates. That means diesel sales 42.4 percent lower than the year before. That calculates the European car manufacturing organization ACEA.

The Netherlands is not unique when it comes to ignoring diesels. At European level, 13.9 percent fewer cars were sold in 2019. The Netherlands is a leader when it comes to reducing this sales figure. Finland follows second, where the amount of diesels sold fell by 27.3 percent. Striking: in Germany, diesel sales increased slightly. That is also the only European country where more than a million diesels were put on license plates.

But where do all those Dutch car buyers go? Not to petrol cars, the amount of new petrol vehicles that were put on license plates fell by around five percent. No, the Dutch like to look at other forms of energy. The amount of BEVs sold, for example, increased enormously. Last year 62,056 electric cars were put on license plates, 158.6 percent more than in 2018. We have already written it, but it remains striking: in 2019, therefore, more EVs were sold than diesels.

PHEVs also improved considerably last year, although the share remains plug-in peanuts compared with BEVs. Namely, in 2019 “only” 4,901 PHEVs were sold. The amount of hybrids grew by a quarter to 28,840, the number of APVs sold (alternative fuels, such as LPG) is negligible. In 2019 there were only 805, more than half less than the year before.

In other words, gasoline and diesel sales are falling in the Netherlands, while electrified models are increasingly selling better. We also see this shift in the rest of Europe. In 2018, cars running purely on fossil fuels accounted for 94 percent of car sales. In 2019 this was 91 percent. Three percentage points less. It is only a small difference, but if it continues like this, the ICE will no longer be available in 30 years. Although some countries do not want to wait that long.

Photo: S6 TDI from Thomcarspotter, via Autojunk.nl.


    Techzle wrote:

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  1. base race says


    What are those?

    • 9000cse says

      @baserace Are you kidding? Someone who has been following / has followed the car world in recent years cannot take such a question seriously.

      • cotton farmer says

        @ 9000cse: But … you are much smarter than us, you should not expect so much from us.

      • base race says

        @ 9000cse: BEV I could deduce from the text but at ICE I first thought about the train, then “In case of emergency” and then I thought: I google it … I get this:


        I didn’t get any wiser there either … so in the meantime I understood what it is: thanks!

        On Topic: happy that I gave my Euro 3 Diesel the door last year …

    • benja01 says

      @baserace: Internal Combustion engine. Bev = battery electric vehicle. Either fully battery-powered car.

    • moveyourmind says

      @baserace: ICE stands for Impressive, Cool and full of Emotion. BEV for tax benefit.

  2. moveyourmind says

    I am also a fan of electric …

    Otherwise I would have to get up an hour earlier every day to crank up the thick diesel block of my car with an old-fashioned pendulum.

    And after all, we no longer live in the time of a horse and carriage.

  3. gilettelubbers says

    The Netherlands is simply full of people who really go for the climate. Reports about modern diesels being extremely clean are rarely read / heard in the Netherlands. Not to mention the subsidy, which means that the entire business world can drive in such a super electric loft at a reasonable price. The whole world is vurrod, with the Netherlands as the left-wing leader

  4. eaudi says

    In which category do MHEV diesels fall? Or are they not charged separately? While they are very efficient. Tasty 6-cylinder diesel and a 48V system on it. Best of both worlds? (except for tax purposes).

  5. chrisvis says

    I bought a brand new diesel in 2019. The seller was also a connoisseur and was – just like me – against the principle of “downsizing” and also told me that he got an incredible number of hybrids / evs back in takeover in takeover and that representatives here in Belgium in particular switch back to diesel because this is more cost-effective.

    • mahansz says

      @chrisvis: Well, we of toilet duck, advise toilet duck

  6. bimmer fan says

    The Netherlands where you are almost a criminal if you drive a diesel. But luckily the fat diesels continue to sell well. So I also drive nice with my 6 cylinder diesel. And the next will certainly also be a diesel for me.

  7. posthumus says

    Keep on dizzying … And that soot plume after 3.5 tons, I now pay 15% extra MRB for that.


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