“Electric drivers are very satisfied with their car”

Tesla Model X.

Especially the satisfaction of Tesla drivers leaves little to be desired.

Electric drivers have different motives. One is mainly concerned with mother earth, while the other is mainly concerned with doing the mud of the earth. Anyway, the fact is that more and more Dutch people have an electric car at their doorstep. But once it is there, are they satisfied with it?

A new study among Dutch EV drivers answers this pressing question. The study was conducted by market research agency Multiscope, which surveyed about 6,000 Dutch people for the occasion.

High grades

The title already reveals the outcome: electric drivers are very satisfied with their car. The average score given was 8.7. That is a figure that even a strict pre-university (no pleonasm) would not be dissatisfied with. Tesla owners – how could it be otherwise – are even more happy with their car. They give their car no less than 9.1. Multiscope can only draw one conclusion: “Electric drivers are in love with their car”.

Just Promoter Score

The study also looked at the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This figure indicates to what extent people would recommend their electric car. For electric drivers, the score is + 64%. Just to be clear: this is not on a scale from 0 to 100, but on a scale from -100 to 100. In that perspective, 64% is a very good score. It is also higher than previous studies, according to Multiscope. So they see an upward trend. Once again, Tesla drivers take it a step further: with them the NPS is no less than + 80%.


Okay, so this is an extremely positive story. Yet there is something to haggle. A recent German study by UScale saw a downward trend in the satisfaction of electric drivers. Although Germany is not the Netherlands, it is nevertheless striking that the research observes an opposite movement. That study showed that the NPS score was + 46% in 2020, while it was + 71% last year. So that is a significant drop.

So there are still some question marks: is there really that much difference between the Dutch and German markets? Or does one of the studies give a somewhat distorted picture? Apart from rises or falls, however, one thing is certain: electric drivers are very happy with their car. The German NPS score is also still good.

If you want to see the figures with your own eyes: the results of the Dutch research can be found on the site of Multiscope and those of the German research are available on the site of UScale.


  1. dutchdriftking says

    Well not so strange right? For German standards, it is often relatively little car for a lot of money. For us Dutch it is exactly the other way around. Then your expectations are simply different, so how satisfied you are with it.

  2. pcooperworks says

    Even as a petrolhead also very satisfied with my driving electric toothbrush, I still don’t want to call it a car;)


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